Why Is The Universal Emperor To Leave In The Night Room Night?

In the wedding night to kiss the Yuan Dung, the universal emperor left after removing the headscarf. The reason for this prince's actions makes many people curious. The universal universal is the last king of the bar in Chinese feudal history. He crowned the emperor in 1908 after King Quang's self-tape without a boy watching. At that time, the universal was 3 years old

.Do to the throne when the age was too small, so the universal emperor was under the attachment of a regent, originally his father and from December 1911 was the Thai . In 1922, the universal emperor founded the queen. Initially, he wanted to make Phi Van Tu made a queen
However, under the pressure of Thai Phi and the court, this Mr. Hoang was a Uyense to be a king's rule. The universal emperor done in accordance with the ancestor's regulations. The last crime in this Chinese history came to impregnate the supply of the Uyen's Dusal to prevent halls. After removing the headscarf of the Queen's headscarf, Universal is attracted to her beautiful, charming beauty. But, when preparing the market, the universal emperor suddenly stops and leaves the queen's bow Uyenung. This action of Mr. Hoang's house made many people curious why he left the queen to use alone in the moving night. Some hypotheses were given to explain this strange thing. According to a point of view, when more than 10 years old, the universal emperor was "tortured" by the "torture" by his festival with every night
Even those "fun" made this royal scared, obsessed and lose their physiological ability. This is said to be the reason why the universal universal removes in the wedding night to kisses with the queen. physiologic. Therefore, the wedding night between two people does not go smoothly. The readers watch the video: China asks the Board to eat with students. Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (TH)

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