Why Is This Helicopter Still ‘straight’ Whether The Propeller Is Almost Immobile?

This is not the product of Photoshop! 0: 00/0: 00 NAMTHIA NORTH SHOULD WILL MISS OF VIDEOPE OF A Helicopter Fly up, but in the entire flight process, the propeller looks As motionless. This interesting phenomenon often causes viewers to be curious. So how does it hurt, is the propeller really spinning? The answer is: Yes, the propeller is still filming. To clarify this phenomenon First of all we need to learn some theory of optics as well as the basic terms about .

.. Camera! Shutter speed (Shutter speed) The shutter speed is the shutter period that opens to let the light enter and shine through the lens and enter the sensor camera. This is also the time sensor records 01 frame
The shutter speed is shown through the slow motion effect. Photo: The slow mo guy is simply if the shutter speed speed will 'freeze' moved. In contrast, the shutter speed is slow, will not 'freeze' moved, resulting in expropriate image phenomenon, sticking to each other. Use a shutter speed quickly, it will see the propeller image separated If too slow can make the propeller like 'fading', if too slow can also turn the entire cover of the propeller into a black circle. Frame type per second (FPS - Frame Per Second) This is the quantity of the number of frames that appear in a second of a video. The more frames appear in a second, the image appears to be smoother, the opposite will occur when the frame rate is per second. The higher the ball frame is smooth and faster . Photo: Tech Damis history of helicopters with a large number of frames per second will have a smooth moving aircraft, the rotor rotates and smoothly; If the number of frames per second will make us feel the aircraft move shocked, the rotating propeller looks unreal. In each different shutter speed, the propeller will provide different expressions. Video: A

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