Why October 20 Became Vietnamese Women’s Day?

On October 20 significantly for Vietnamese women but not everyone knows the history and meaning of this holidays.0: 00/4: 29 South countries as many countries around the world, next to the day International Women, Vietnam also dedicated a day to honor the beauty of the woman of his country, not only an external beauty that is important than good and precious qualities. Through the historical stages of the nation, the role of women is always affirmed, so on October 20 significantly significantly. History of Vietnamese Women's Day 20 / 10Viet Nam is a Van Minh agriculture, based on the foundation of wet rice cultivation and craftsmanship, women become the main labor force. Besides, Vietnam's history is still long years of fighting against foreign invaders

. Most recently, the resistance against French colonialists and the American Empire has a great contribution of women. They are fearless anti-foreign devil soldiers, a solid post-respect, diligent workers, creativity, intelligence, and are a particularly important role in preserving and developing identity , ethnic culture elite. In addition, they are mothers who are gentle, secure, medieval produced the hero generations of the heroic people
From 1927, mass organizations began to form and attract crowded WOMEN'S WOMEN'S ARTICLES ARE: Red Public Association, Red Association of Red Association, reinforcement groups, vocational training groups and their own organizations. In 1927, the group of Ms. Nguyen Thi Luu, Nguyen Thi Minh Lang, Nguyen Thi Thuy is Three sisters in Buddha Village (Bac Ninh) participate in the revolutionary youth comrades, they propagate and build a lace and text learning group. Thai Thi Boi group with Le Trung Luong, Nguyen Thi Hong, Huynh Thuyen to participate in the school in Dong Khanh schools. In 1928, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai group with Nguyen Thi Phuc, Nguyen Thi An participated in the Red Association of New vietnam. This group contacted Ms. Xân, Thiu, Nhuan, Lien to establish a liberated women in Vinh.Nam 1930, in Xo Viet Nghe Tinh movement, in Nghe An, Ha Tinh, 12,946 sisters participated in women prize Launching, with the people to struggle to establish the Soviet governments above 300 communes. May 1, 1930, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thap participated in leading the struggle of more than 4,000 farmers in Chau Thanh and My Tho districts, including thousands of women participating in 3/2/1930, the Indochina Communist Party established
The first political platform of the party immediately since its birth has shown that "male and female rights". The party soon recorded a huge role of women in life as well as in the long-term resistance of the nation. Women must participate in revolutionary organizations (guilds, farmers) and establish their own organizations to attract women's classes to participate in the revolution. Vietnam's anti-counter (now Vietnam Women's Union) was established. This historical event represents the party's perspective in the role of women in the revolution, for women's organizations and women liberation. It is the reason for October 20 every year becomes anniversary and honoring Vietnamese women. The meaning of Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10 days October 20, 1930 is the first day in the history of our country, a public union of the formal women set up and operate publicly, to unite, encourage women forces to actively contribute to the revolutionary career of the country. With its own unions, Vietnamese women contribute significantly to the August Revolution Success, gain independence for the country, set up the revolutionary government of the people. As a result, Vietnamese women also have the first time to take the vote, participate in government and society work, holding many responsibilities in the state apparatus and mass organizations. 10 every year chosen to do the day of Vietnamese women, it is the recognition of the country with the people who are given by 8 golden letters: "Heroes, indomitable, medium-minded," Vietnamese women Male October 20 is an opportunity to honor women, not only in graceful beauty but also the beauty of diligence, loving, hard, sacrifice. On October 20 is also an opportunity to affirm the role, location and merit of women in society, showing the recognition, interest of society, creating power for them to strive, effort in Life, promoting its talent and role. Modern women are increasingly suffering from a lot of pressure, stress and fatigue to balance the work and family. Therefore, Vietnam Women's Day October 20 is an opportunity for beards to express their love, gratitude for their dear women. Words of encouragement, sincere thanks to women, or small gifts, fresh bouquets ... will create motivation and joy so you find yourself loved more, more respectfully. Vy (synthesized)

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