Why Should Eat Red Bean Tea On The Day Of Gossip?

According to the Eastern Concept, the day of the ladder - the female meeting met, everyone should eat red beans, to demand for love to meet fortunately, soon meet the people of the middle or reach the person he is in love.0: 00/3: 26 NamPong Thuy Thuy Tam Nguyen - Tam Hoi Phai said according to the concept of many countries, red beans which are considered a lucky object because the red redness for good, fun, sewing Luckily and happiness. Besides, many people eat red bean tea to a charming bridge. It is sparked, if couples love each other to eat red bean tea on the day of gossip (July 7 lunar calendar), they will have a love Sustainable, longer with those who are odd balls alone will find the idea of the middle whether no one validates that eating red beans on the day of gossips really brings luck in love or not, but according to oriental medicine , red beans also contain diuretic use, heat bar, detoxification and nursing blood blood in the body. The analysis results of modern science today also show that nutrients in red beans will help you Collect a series of following benefits

. Help weight loss If you are looking to lose weight, choose red beans into diet menu daily. Because in red beans contain very little calories (a cup of red beans contained only about 300 calories) but rich in fiber should help the body no long, limit the feeling of snacks. At the same time, it also helps burn excess fat with long stored in the body, thereby helping you to lose weight effectively
Pushing the gastrointestinal tract to work smoothly in the red beans will help protect health. Your intestinal tract, thereby helping the process of digestion and absorption of food took advantage. Some other studies also show that fiber can reduce the symptoms of intestinal irritation. Put the skin of red beans is also known to be a food that helps remove dead cells on the skin. People often use red bean powder to make skin care masks. When you use red beans in skin beauty, it not only helps to remove dead skin cells but also reduce inflammation and limit the swelling on the skin due to acne caused by the red kidneys will help Adjust kidney function and restore balance of moisture content in two kidneys. According to nutritional and health professionals, to collect the best benefits from red beans, you need to eat the processed dishes from this type of beans about 2 times a week. Body poisoning. The red beans are also One way to help you purify, discharge to your body. This beans are also capable of reducing feeling of fatigue, detoxifying skin and organs in the body
Thanks to this detoxification process, the structure of the skin will be improved, thereby causing the skin to become radiant, fresher. The rich protein protein disease prevention is available in the red beans rated Healthy health at the heart agency. Protein lowered the bad cholesterol level - LDL and increased good cholesterol - HDL in the body. In addition, when the body has enough protein, your muscles will be strengthened and firmer. Potassium blood pressure controls in the red beans help adjust and control blood pressure levels in your body. In addition, for elected mothers, the addition of enough potassium also helps prevent possible malformations to their fetus. There are many dishes made from red beans like red bean tea, multiplier Red beans, doremon donuts, red bean beans, red bean porridge ... If not doing themselves, you can visit tea-selling locations to choose the red beans for themselves. For example, red bean tea, red bean milk tea, red bean milk tea, Bingsu red beans ... on this day, ensuring tea or refreshing drinks with extremely expensive red beans. Although unknown red beans, there is a real luck for those who are unique or not, but the delicious taste is attractive because red beans are also worth it for you to try extremely.

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