Why Should You Not Stretch Your Muscle Before Running?

Mechanical relaxation before running can be counterproductive. So you should heat the people with gentle and more efficient movements in 200:00 to 2: 07 Nouthern countries, said the muscle strain is important to start exercising but should not be done first At jogging.Theo triathlete, muscle relaxation before running is completely wrong, maybe even counterproductive. So you should change some suitable boot steps so that the jogging process is effective. The muscle tension before jogging can cause some injuries

. Photo: GQ. Where do I do not have the impact name of muscle tension for the risk of injury in sports, if tensioning before running, you can increase the ability to cause injury. The muscle is a way to help you achieve achievements such as speed or sprint
It is not suitable for daily exercise purposes. Running people need muscles at a moderate level to run properly and have the most powerful. The too tough body can slow down. You should focus more on the mobility, instead of flexibility during jogging. Eve is a simple method to train your body. Photo: Stemjar. Flexibility involves the range of movement of joints. Meanwhile, the mobility helps the body move freely and comfortably, maintaining the power throughout the motion. It is more important to run effectively to supplement other exercises Help your body work well with high intensity. How does Warm Up is an important preparation for every exercise
These activities help the body get heated, increase the temperature for soft muscles and stretch better. There are many forms to heat the body before exercise. Photo: Harvard Health.- Weight: Joggers also need strength. So alternating the running sessions with the operation focused on building strong muscle and elastic.- Box Jump is a jumper on any box or hard object. You stand upright, wide legs with hips, fight hips and squat down to jump up the box. Pay the gentle ground as possible and put both legs on the box. You should do 3 hours 8 times to train your leg muscles, strengths while running. This activity helps build durability for the body. Photo: Verywell Fit.- Climbing helps build durability because your body must fight gravity to keep up with changes when running. You can perform this movement by direct climbing or using machines with high frequency. - Use Foam Roller roller to improve toughness, muscle recovery capability, increase motor performance , muscle compartment works excessively and relieves pain. The above exercises help improve your running skills, while maintaining good mobility. This also prevents injury and helps your muscles work better.Foam Roller helps recover muscle after training. Photo: Leep. What should you avoid before training? Some ideal habits like harmless but can directly affect the muscles and results of the rehearsal.

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