Why Shouldn’t Wash Your Face When Bathing In A Shower?

If you want to have a healthy, beautiful skin, it is better to remove the habit of washing your face with hot water with a shower when showering.02: 00/1: 41 South of the page and wash your face always when bathing is a combination Very convenient but can harm your skin. Facials are usually much more sensitive than skin on the body, so how to clean facial skin also need to be more careful. Here is 5 reasons you should change the way of washing your face, give up the habit of washing your face Hot under the shower when showering. Makes acne heavier than hot bathing for a long time can lose the natural oil layer needed to be healthy

. And if your skin belongs to dry skin, using a shower will often make this problem worse. Many people choose to apply more moisturizer to reduce the feeling of dry skin, but it can make the skin vulnerable to acne and other infections. The effect of skin color washing under the shower can cause the skin You are red
Hot water causes blood vessels on the face, which can ruin the fragile capillaries on the cheeks. Wrinkle with a long hot water bath, you can observe the fingers wrinkled. This happens because hot water takes moisture on your skin and damages the skin protection layer to lock the moisture. This also occurs similarly to facial skin, which can cause skin aging to happen faster if exposed to regular hot water.Da is more sensitive than washing face under the shower is not beneficial for lanes Normal skin. Hot water can negatively affect the skin completely healthy, making it dry and sensitive. Better than you should avoid washing your face with hot water with hot water, especially during the dried winter months, when the skin is easier to dry and irritated. Itchy irritation is a little itchy after a long bath . This feeling is usually mild and only lasts for a short time. But the washing face under the shower with regular hot water can cause your skin to be itchy and even peeling
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