Wife At The House Of The House, Her Husband Outside ‘exceeds The Limit’ With Colleagues, And Only 4 Reasons Make Wife Shocked Heavily

Not only refused to apologize, the husband in the story of the story that also raised 4 reasons for excitement for him to go throughout the 2.00: 00/1: 44 south in a reddit article, the mother listed The reasons "stupid" that husband gave to advocate for his wrongdoors. Written: "My husband has passed with another female colleague at work. I even warned him Many times that I feel uncomfortable with their relationship. He thinks I'm jealous and unexpectedly unexpectedly due to the impact of pregnancy

. I don't want to do it too much to temporarily Ta yen. The husband publicly affirmed his adultery when his daughter was 4 months old (Artwork) when the daughter was 4 months old, my husband even publicized an affair. Although I know it will happen, But still can't stop suffering
He also takes reason to advocate for "exceeding the limit" as follows: First, because the baby shares a bed with his parents so we can't "close". Second, you I'm just trying to help her revive the spirit after breaking up with the old man. Third, they were together for a long time. Mother said her husband was the one who wanted to have children, but finally poured the responsibility to her head. For children and his wife did not expect the husband to blame the marriage. (Artwork) "I can't forget these things. He takes advantage and lies in front of me, it seems that when I have just worked around. He is not worthy. Being my father's father, "she shared. Written by posted has attracted a lot of comments, most of them expressed sympathy and offered to help the mother if necessary
Cheerleading: "You did it very right, 2 moms deserve to get better things. Send you sympathy, encouragement and hope". "You don't have to live with that bastard Another. Please apply for divorce immediately and ask for child support ", other users give advice. According to Binh Nguyen / National Newspaper

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