Wife Dan Truong Tin Anh Tu Will Be Posting Post-divorce, Looking At A Baby Profile Is To Understand: 4 Years Old With Private Company, Earn Tens Of Millions / Month, Speaks 4 Languages

After having the information of knitting and a divorce wife, every interesting concern on the son Mathis Thien Dan <: 00/2: 04 Southern region today (July 18), Vietnamese showbiz With the information Ms. Xa Dan's danger singer suddenly announced the official couple divorce after 8 years of life. Now, every attention not only poured towards Dan Truong and Thuy Tien's wife but also the son of Thien Tu. Age can strongly overcome the divorce shock of their parents. She wrote: "Naturally is a strong and independent son, around the child also has the interest, loving of people so the first news will understand and sympathize with this decision of Tien and England School "

. So, how are the talented and strong from that parents are trusted by their parents? It can be said, although it was only 4 years old, the word was Rich Kid was the second most interested in the Vietnamese entertainment village. The boy impressed with intelligence, lovers and extremely stylish. Because living abroad from small, natural words can use English, Vietnamese, in addition, the boy can also speak Spanish and Chinese
Bé Thien from possessing the beautiful and good beauty This 4-year-old love and super cute is also set by their own parents with their own name. Not only that, the boy owns a YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribes and hundreds of thousands of views for each clip. It is known that this YouTube channel has been enabled, each month the boy can collect the amount of up to 1000 USD (over VND 23 million). And yet, he also participated in advertisements and fashion performers to earn more income. Kid Kid was damaged and the Baby's wife was the pride of their parents when he was young but he soon revealed Talent in the birthday of Dan Truong in November 2020, Baby Thien makes people love to be crazy when giving a high value gift, it is the new iPhone 12 launched in the US, of course Launched so the price fell into a crisis. The school was happy. Reputable brands like Gucci, Moschino, Burberry, each of themselves are worth 100 to 800 USD (equivalent to 2.4 to 18.5 million VND). Small master party with a super-car image Start and impress the word
The boy is not just a guy who was born with a golden spoon but also a good girl, the lovely showbiz Vietnam was facilitated from small and soon revealed the possibility of celestiality and thien received interest and Love of a large number of mellow mellow photos: facebook characters

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