Wife Livestream Was Beaten By Her Husband To Unconsciousness, The Brutal Violence Was Broadcast Directly Before Thousands Of Followers

Many followers doubt that this domestic violence is essentially a staged script to entice attention to 9: 00/2: 21 Southern region 13/8, Chinese network community The fact that a celebrity online with an account is Quang Mau (Quang Ca Brothers) directly hit the brutal wife right on the Livestream wave. There was information to say Quang Mau's wife named Kim Dung, she also had an account on the same famous social network.Theo recorded by the network community, at the time when Ms. Kim Dung broadcast directly was right Black sofa at home. It seems that before that she was beaten by her husband

. The cheeks were red up, the face was quite confused and tired. I suspected that while I was Livestream, Kim Dung was rushed and slapped by her husband. Although he tried to hold his hand, his wife still could not fight the slap with her husband to fall into a chair
Ve Phu husband still hasn't stopped there. He continued to scold his wife with insulting words, then shrinking his foot into her person many times. The stunned wife did not mention the god, he was punched by her husband in her chest and face. Unable to stand, Kim Dung lost consciousness on the spot. At this time the broadcast was stopped. The scoring of the brutal violence broadcast, the audience was watching up to nearly 4 thousand people. Many people are pressing in prostitution, offering Ms. Kim Den to report police but are useless. According to the posts of Quang Mau account, people see that his family seems very happy with a son And a daughter. The couple often shared the family's daily living scenes
The couple's economic conditions are believed to be quite fake, comfortable life. After a bumper broadcast was condemned, the number of subscribers who followed the channel of this couple increased significantly. Therefore, in addition to sympathy for women, many people have questioned that broadcasting violence is just a staged drama to help this couple win, create uncloses Italy to attract a tracking turn. In fact, such violent scenarios are not particular in the Livestream sessions of some celebrities online. Earlier, a fairly famous account specializing in selling Livestream has been beaten by husbands while playing directly. This account is said to have been locked after many people discovered that she sells poor quality fake goods. The use of violence to interact with the moral decadence deserves to condemn. A hard-acceptable behavior does not only harm women but also influence extremely bad to the social standard and the good values of the family.

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