Wife Looking To The Jealous Door, ‘the Third “climb From The Second Floor And The Laughter

Although it was tried to escape from the fierce wife, the last "3rd person 'had to fall into an indicated situation of irony.0: 00/1: 57 nam nunned here, a video that was filmed in Colombia was shared quickly Face on Twitter with over 11 million views. The video recorded a scene of a moon wife walking jealous and the laughter drowed. Then, a young woman came to a 2-storey house and used a hammer to smash the door, constantly shouting: "Open the door Mau. I know the people are there

. This is the last time you do this to me. "When the wife entered inside the house, a man selling naked with another woman just wearing every cabinet y was supposed to panic into the floor railing 2. The man was looking for a way for lover to climb down the lower floor with the support of the witnesses
The wife looked at the jealous door. The third person sought to flee. "The third" ground was safe but still revealed a panic, she hurriedly took a very big cardboard box on the road nearby bossed himself, pretending to real Cave to escape the search of "main ventricular". The wife went to the floor without seeing her husband's mistress, so he rushed down, rushing to the road to seek the enemy's love. At this time, the love "was startled" so he sought to run away from the cardboard Move attracts the attention of the wife. After that, "Xiao Three" threw the bin to flee quickly, now his wife used his full power to run quickly to chase before the laughter of witnesses around. The wife chased. " The triangle "on the road makes many people laughing tears. Many people said that the elementilia was grabbed by the wife and jealous of a battle while the husband did not dare to reveal. The video received about many opinions from the network users
Some sarcasters sarcastically loved every way to run away from escaping his wife. Others said that the wife was not extremely miserable, the best way to handle his husband and ended this marriage. Meanwhile, many people expressed doubts about the clip that could be staged to "view". However, until now, the local police have not responded to the jealousy on the jealousy . The identity of related people has not been confirmed. Show clips still shared dizziness on media.Pv

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