Wife Regretted 19 Years Of Excluding Thanh Xuan To Her Husband

ML ML with 19 years of marriage with her husband, marriage of the Spring Exchange Date for the Silver Spiritual Husband.0: 00/3: 14 Nam in the 3rd person program, ML (character name changed) Familiar her husband from 24 years old. On that day, the car she went to work, he was a nice guy sitting in the car repair shop, who asked to carry her to work for time. L when it was nursing nurse at Trung Vuong hospital. He graduated from university but could not find suitable jobs to register military service

. Once, on the way to visit his boyfriend unit, she met his parents who came to visit Anh.Hai shouted in love with her. The beautiful love story of the army and the nurse with a wedding after three years of love
The two sides are close to each other, making it trusted in this love.Mc - singer Hai Yen Idol. Photo: Jetsau married, she gave birth to two girls. Once, the seven-year-old daughter saw a message a girl sent to three to see. She immediately captured the screen and sent her for the feeling of three others. The incident link, she remembered her husband with the 12th grade, playing the group. They called each other with a dear name like Brother and the youngest, she had met the day to see the army. "I took his phone number and called her friend. I asked if she knew you were a man who had a wife? She claims they are friends. She contacted him to make electricity contracts, announced that if I didn't like it, she would put that contract, "- I said
I want to be a girl: Jet, you know the story, thinks you do Lost his contract. Since then, I doubt but don't dare to stretch for fear of he ignored that woman. After five years, she became pregnant. At that time, she had a body alone with antenatal care, vaccination, giving birth. He didn't look well and cold, often arguing about money in the house. Evening he often went drinking, when he got home, he threatened to kill, slandering his family to get all of the wealth, insulting her parents. He blamed her not to worry about rice, she did not iron clothes but she still bite his teeth with his duel. Come on a day, she had the opportunity to go to Da Nang for more than a month. The big daughter told her to see three continue texting with that woman. When he returned, she asked her close friend to follow, saw him or carrying a girl. Another time, she saw him with her close friend with a busy car in parallel, when he took her to the house. Let's said: "I sacrificed everything but I finally didn't leave anything but real Resentment when married with that man. I have a career, getting my parents, no matter how much the family still feels better than the current self ". After that time, she did the application Divorce and do not receive any money or wealth of her husband. But because of not enough economic conditions, she still had to live in a house to take care of three children. He is the person who grants three children. The reason she did it was that she wanted her mind to be peaceful, gentle, not binding. I heard the story, Dr. To Nhi A confessed: "Blaming yourself can be a next mistake, That's she doesn't love yourself. Her husband does not love his family but please love himself. Women worry for everyone but must first worry about themselves, there is a voice ". After the moment of pleasure, ML ML, she is not ready to turn on the lights to walk out of the secret room, opposite the doctor Singer A and MC - singer Hai Yen Idol. ML is not ready to walk out of the secret room. Photo: Jet "I haven't felt confident. After this broadcast, I have a message to my wife Don't be wrong, so I spread more with my husband, other than two people will gradually be cold, the marriage will be deadlocked, "she said. The third person is broadcast periodically at 20 hours every week on the channel Youtube jet tv show.

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