Will Gold Prices Set Up A New Peak Due To The New Virus Transformation Omicron?

Global rising or reduced trends are still unclear when today, saying that gold prices have a basis to go down, while others are concerned about the appearance of the new variation of Omicron It can cause investors to rush to hold gold, causing gold prices to continue to make a new top of the 9th grade. Source: FinancialExpress.com.The point 9am this morning the world gold price traded at 1794.12 USD / ounce, equivalent to 50

.69 million dong / tael. Analysts of FXEMPIRE Finance Finance agree with the motivation of the Golden Marketplace to continue down. At that time, Marc Chandler - Managing Director of Bannockburn Global Forex, predicting the gold price will decrease in next time
The recovery of gold has stopped before 1,816 USD / ounce is an important retreat target. He said that the gold price will be around 1,776 USD due to the recovery of the USD exchange rate or due to the liquidation of goods took place on a large scale. However, many opinions also said that the appearance of the new variant Omicron Can disturb investors, causing capital flows into traditional paradise like gold. If in the coming time, efforts to prevent new variations are not fully implemented, unstable for the economies that continue to increase, when the gold price increases by countries , Funds find gold as a safe shelter. Therefore, the ability to set up a new peak of gold prices is not unqualified. Before the new virus variant, the domestic gold price this morning decreased slightly. At the time of 9am this morning, SJC gold price in Hanoi was listed by SJC Saigon Joint Stock Company: 60,15-60.87 million VND / tael (MV-BR), gold price increased by VND 50,000 / Tantue in order to buy and stay in the afternoon compared to the latch yesterday. The moment on the price of Rong Thang Long gold traded at: 51.98 - 52
63 million VND / tael (MV-BR), Gold prices decreased by VND 50,000 / tael in buying and decreasing VND 90,000 / tael in the sale compared to yesterday's closing. SJC gold price in BTMC trading at: 60,12 - 60.82 million dong / tael (MV-BR), reducing VND 10,000 / tael in both buying and an increase of VND 40,000 / tael in the selling direction compared to the latch Yesterday session. TP. Ho Chi Minh, SJC gold price is listed by Saigon Gold Jewelry Joint Stock Company at: 60.15 - 60.85 million / tael (MV-BR), gold price increased by VND 50,000 / tael Afternoon buying and retaining in the afternoon compared to the latch yesterday, the time above, SJC gold price was listed by SJC Gold Jewelry Joint Stock Company in Da Nang. 87 million dong / tael (MV-BR), gold price increased by 50,000 dong / tael in the buying direction and remained in the afternoon compared to the latch yesterday. The gold enterprises recommended, investors and people should Consider before trading and regularly monitor the gold price on the mainstream channels for the best decision.PV. (Th)

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