Will The Us Super Rocket Touch ‘russian Retaliation System’?

Military expert Vladimir Yazikov has launched an assessment of the US Air Force that their new super rocket can go to Moscow in 20 minutes. / 2: 44 Southern region of Florida, at the air base Egglin, AGM-183A fast reaction rocket (AGM-183A (ARRW) has been tested, or rather than the prototype of high explosive defragment warheads. In the test, the US military was able to assess Strong of the explosion and destructive scale. Reporters from the United States said that this device was created according to the technique "Material enhances damage" by using PBXN-110 explosives. However, there are no official data on the characteristics of super bar missiles

. Before that press described the time needed to have a warfare to access certain goals. For example, if the rocket launcher from the US Air Force's B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber, it will go to Moscow for about 20 minutes and to Beijing in half an hour. A military expert, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Yazikov in the conversation with the Editorial Board of Politexpert magazine notes that Americans studying such weapons for a long time
Example, he quotes a nuclear energy-like rocket with cross-journey missiles. Continental Bourestnik. According to the expert, after the United States tested this weapon, they found it necessary to pay attention to the remaining radioactive beam behind the rocket: "This is guaranteed to pollute the environment, leading to the attendance The sentence is canceled after conducting the tests. Currently they can make a super bar missile, but it is unclear what it will be used to do. "Russia's automatic retaliator system is a factor Which enemy cannot be viewed, it is difficult to say whether the new US development has actually overcome the way to the Russian capital in just 20 minutes. However, he repeated the retaliator system applied: "Even if everything is destroyed, we have automatic missiles, Americans become targets. The United States will never go to confront if Not sure if they will win. They have the theory of acceptable losses, if exceeding a certain number, the war will not take place. "" Americans are well aware that it will be more expensive if conflict with Russia by armed measures, "Politexpert's dialogue added. Lieutenant Colonel Yazikov also noted that the United States has a large budget for developing military power, but this is not the only thing necessary for arms with weapons: "Weapons are not the disease, Here we also need military themselves, or rather loyalty to the government
Do they protect their strength or not "? Military expert said, the Russian Federation still maintained status Thai is ready to fight so that Americans do not want to test Moskva with military measures. He also called this a bad news for Russia, but don't consider it a scary thing: "Later we learned how this truth was. The intercept that such weapons are really immense Difficulties, they must be shot down when we first take off. If our military base is somewhere in Europe, there will be nothing to argue ".

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