Winner X Car Price In December 2021: Lower Than The Proposed Price Of Vnd 16 Million

In early 12/2021, the selling price of Winner X versions at the agent increased slightly compared to the previous month but still much lower than the listed price.0: 00/2: Southern region for the price of Honda Winner X The moment is currently increasing compared to the previous month but all Honda Winner X versions are still having a lower selling price than the price proposed quite a lot. Added in there, customers who buy Honda Winner X from November 1 / 2021 to the end of December 31, 2021 are also supported with VND 5 million / car registration fee. Including its subscription support, the Winner X car price is currently available at the agent lower than the selling price from 12-16 million dong. Honda Winner X selling price in early December is increasing from 500,000 - 2 million Dong at the specific agent, if it is deducted from the company's supporting registration fee, Honda Winner X standard sports version and standard standard version with new stamp colors are priced at 31

.5 million VND, higher than VND 500,000 Compared to November, all ABS versions are being sold for VND 34 million, higher than last month to VND 2 million. However, compared to the proposed price, this model is still lower than VND 16 million. Share with PV Traffic vehicle, sales staff at Honda Head Vac Agent (171 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi) said : "Because the price of Winner X cars is being supported with a lot of support, the amount of vehicles at the agent is also selling more
Some colors of the ABS version of the ABS are still out because they have not yet imported more cars" .Winner X is Supported registration fees amounting to 5 million VND also sharing more: "The current car price is reduced strongly, in the future according to your price, it will not be reduced further, may continue to move Leave a little bit ".Honda Winner X has a new designer new design, accompanying a high aerodynamic cube. Users can easily notice the difference in this version in a sharp car head, connected to a surplus body with a stretch of bibs with a neat high-stroking tail, creating a feeling Healthy and strong. Besides, design with bold graphics car stamps are also factors that turn on this sports supercar this time. Honda Winner X December 2021 (DVT: Million VND) Note: The actual selling price of the Honda Winner X mentioned above can be gaped depending on different agents, customers can go to the nearest agent for more details.

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