Winning Tickets To The World Cup, Futsal Vietnam Is Awarded 1 Billion Vnd

Futsal Vietnam is a total bonus of 1 billion after excellence for tickets to the Knock-out round at Futsal World Cup 2021.ĐT Futsal Vietnam excelled over the Futsal World Cup 2021. (Photo: Getty) Futsal Vietnam has excelled its name in the Knock-out Futsal World Cup 2021 after a 1-1 draw with a strong rival in the Czech Republic at the last match of Table D match, thereby winning tickets with 1 in 4 teams 3 Have the best achievement. To encourage the excellent fighting spirit of teachers and teachers Pham Minh Giang in Futsal World Cup 2021, Vietnam Voice Radio (VOV) and donors HDBank and City Land decided to reward hot For Futsal Vietnam, the amount of VND 200 million. The implementation of VFF executives also decided to reward all 800 million VND

. Thus, the total amount of bonuses for Futsal Vietnam after the victory surpassing the Futsal World Cup 2021 round of 1 billion dong. VFF President, Le Khanh Hai also on behalf of the Permanent Committee of VFF to congratulate the achievement of Futsal Vietnam and praising the spirit of resilience of the players. This is the second consecutive time, Futsal Vietnam won the right to participate in the Knock-Out of Futsal World Cup
Previously, Futsal Vietnam had passed the group in Futsal World Cup 2016 taking place in Colombia. The opponent of the upcoming 1/8 round, the opponent of Futsal Vietnam is the Russian runner-up. This is also a screen recalcimorial screen in the first round of 1/8 Futsal World Cup 2016. At that time, Futsal Vietnam stopped walking with a score of 0-7 after the Futsal Russian Futsal. And Futsal Vietnam is also the first strength in the 1/8 of Futsal World Cup 2021. The screen will begin at 21:30 on September 22 to Vietnam at the Vilnius./. PV /

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