Wireless Device Monitor Bone Health

Researchers at Arizona University (USA) have developed a micro-wireless device permanently linked to the bone with the ability to transmit data out. Equipment can be implanted into people with diseases like Osteoporosis. This breakthrough water can allow doctors to monitor the patient's bones in real time, or the level of recovery after the injury. The new team is called a "surface skeletal". This device contains a series of sensors that are taken into the area with coin size and thin as a sheet of paper

. Sensors can transfer bone data to smartphones or other devices. Especially, the device does not need a battery to run. Instead, the power source can be transmitted from outside by using close field communication (NFC)
To keep the device attached to the long-term bone, the team has created a adhesive. This substance contains calcium grains of phosphate, allowing bones to really grow on it. As a result, the device can permanently link with bones. The device is designed thin enough to not cause discomfort for users when the mechanical moves. The research team expressed hope, such devices can be implanted into people with diseases such as osteoporosis. As a result, the device can monitor the patient's bone health in a long time. In addition, the device is also capable of supporting after the patient has a fracture. This support will allow doctors to monitor the way of healing the bone. The Philipp Gutruf - co-author of the study - said: "It is possible to monitor the health of the musculoskeletal system is extremely important. With this interface, basically, we have a computer on the bone
This technology allows us to create investigation tools for scientists. Thus, it is possible to explore how the musculoskeletal system works. At the same time, help use the information collected to recover and therapy ". The research team tested this device on animals. The results show that the device can be implanted into large and small animal models. Data from the device can be read by smartphone. However, according to scientists, this study is still in the early stages. To bring this device into the application, the team will take long time. The study was announced in the journal Nature Communications.

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