Wireless Sensor Device Monitor Bone Health

Researchers at Arizona University (USA) have developed a micro-wireless device that can grow to the surface of the bone to help doctors to monitor health. This is a patent that is expected to be punched Break, help doctors monitor the patient's bone status over time or level of recovery after their injury. New device named Osseosurface Electronics (temporarily translated: electronics bone surface), contains a series Flexible packaged sensors are equivalent to coin and thick as a sheet of paper. It can transmit wireless data to smartphones or other devices. In addition, it doesn't need the battery to operate but instead loads through the NFC protocol

. The device is mounted on a bone simulator John Szivek - a professor of orthopedic surgical surgery and biomedical techniques - played Trade a adhesive containing calcium particles with atomic structures similar to bone cells, used to fix flat surface electronic devices into the bone. The research group expresses hope, devices Thus can be implanted into people with diseases such as osteoporosis. As a result, the device can monitor the patient's bone health in a long time
In addition, the device is also capable of supporting after the patient has a fracture. This support will allow doctors to monitor the way of healing the bone. The Philipp Gutruf - co-author of the study - said: "It is possible to monitor the health of the musculoskeletal system is extremely important. With this interface, basically, we have a computer on the bone. This technology allows us to create investigation tools for scientists. Thus, it is possible to explore how the musculoskeletal system works. At the same time, help use the information collected to recover and therapy ". When the broken bone is attached to this surface electronics, the doctor can monitor the healing process. This is especially useful in patients with diseases such as osteoporosis. Knowing how fast the bance can also notify clinical treatment decisions, such as when to remove temporary hardware such as discs, rods or screws
Some patients are prescribed The drug is designed to speed up bones or improve bone density, but these prescriptions may have side effects. Big bone monitoring will allow doctors to make more informed decisions about the dose of the medicine. Thang (T / H)

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