Wise Women Absolutely Do Not Say These Things

Women born said a lot and speed said much, speaking quickly to grow over life. One of the reasons makes men bored with wife, the broken family is due to the many women's talks. Moreover, it will make other people feel that your words are empty, adding salt, there is no value. In love women often make this mistake. When stressed, or something that is not satisfied with the song, grumbling continuously, this will make the man go crazy and tired, in the long run, he is sure he can't stand it anymore Far away from you

. The Psychology of Tue An said that smart women are women who know emotions, there will be calmly the best decision in every case. If it says too much without reaching its purpose, it is necessary to stop silently to give the mind and bright intelligence from that makes sense, valuable, saying what to say and should say. Please put happiness on top, don't try to prove to prove anyone who is wrong
Illustration. Saying a lot about the wishwoman's weakness is a perfectionist, they expect a lot to the marriage that the husband has a mountain with noise that makes women hard to accept and forgive: clumsy, heartless, ham , mausoleum ... so women brighten, lunch, the evening all talked about the points that have not been in her husband, the common desire of sisters is a long remember, understanding and finishing changes. But the husband just felt troublesome and didn't want to go home anymore. If it said much that her husband didn't change, so stop talking to a different way. Let's start by changing yourself to get better for her husband to look at and try to worthy of you. You can also use your own children to impact on your husband, because men are very lovingly, they often Being soft in front of small angels and easily agree with children's requirements.2
Poor coal - Telling the female suffering always talking about the thoughts appearing in the beginning, not analyzing, then concluded like men. Women always live with their feelings and speaking with their hearts, they like to say what they want to say without careing that is what listeners want to hear. bald and disappointed. They often come to friends to confide in and want to say meaningless things, things that should be kept in their hearts and in mind. But women who say so much useful, especially when you only There is a need to tell the advice. And it must have been interested in your problem. The meaningless words make the recipients negative, do not want to be close to you anymore. There are things that should only think it should not be said that later the nonsense children go back to make it difficult for you. Thuy Linh / Education

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