With 3 Special Hair Care At Home, This Girl Has ‘revived’ Her Hair Breaking With Fiber For 7 Weeks

This girl owns a special stimulating stepper, so this thin-haired hair is "stripped '180 degrees of 9: 00/3: 41 South regain nature that the beautiful hair girl Owning Healthy Ball Health and Sure. They all have separate and persistent care methods to get the results as expected. Tiktoker Afsenna (@afsenna) is always famous for the long-sleeved black hair, her hair becomes a fish brand Multiply and also thanks to this beautiful hair stream that Afsenna is famous all over the social network.Afsenna owns a black hair, silky shadow, as long as silk. Her hair is still thick and strong, causing any girl to desire

. Afsenna has taken care of his own hair. Most of the other girls only annealed their hair, carefully hairdressing or added to the skin to die their heads, alone Afsenna added a special stimulus step, thanks to this step that Afsenna significantly improved hair condition Thin sticky, broken loss of my lot. Before getting a beautiful hair stream like the present, Afsenna had ever suffered with thin-stick hair, fiber and broke a lot
It is a "exclusive" hair career that AFSENNA maintains many years today. Afsenna you have never heard of ever. Once a week, Afsenna will use the hair roller and scalp to massage the scalp and hair legs, thereby promoting blood circulation and stimulating hair growing faster and stronger .Afsenna keeps splitting the hair out and di roller At the scalp. The roller head will massage gently on the scalp, which supports fast and strong hair. This also reduces the scalp raw dandruff. Afsenna's hair is from thin sticking, bald sides of the temple and bald the hairline; This, the hair grows the precipitate, the bald whole scalp is also filled with a lot. Hair in 4 hours with self-made linseed oil in the market is available in the market but self-resting with seeds linen. She spent 4 hours to anneal her hair, and of course the result was not out of expectations.Afsenna will directly direct linen seed oil because she makes her own scalp and uses a food-wrapped membrane to roll with her hair and incubation Within 4 hours
The flax is considered a herbalty of hair, in the flax seeds containing: - Abundant vitamin E stimulates hair growth, preventing damage in hair and dry dandruff in the scalp. The blood circulation process is also better to take place, avoid early silver hair. - Helps balance the pH and regulate oil excretion in the scalp, the two factors directly affect the growth rate as well as the health of the health Hair with abundant omega-3 fatty acids, nourish hair follicles, strong and restore damage to hair and scalp. The flax contains abundant vitamins and nutrients to nurture strong hair . The hair is nourish from the flax seeds. * How to make Afsenna's linseed oil: - Boil linen seeds and water until adhereous water again. The part of the adhesive water. - Hair care is equal to the main water section. The skin is dead with a 2-week cafe / time Afsenna will clean the hair and scalp by extinguish dead skin with a mixture of coffee and oil head washing. She mixed 1 spoon of black cafe into shampoo and rubbed the puree then massage up the scalp. Italy only used a gentle massage finger, not to use scratched nails to paint the scalp with redness and damage. As a result as you saw, Afsenna's hair from thin sticks, fiber "molting" into black, soft, very thick and strong hair. Every time Afsenna shows her hair, the sisters are praised and only a hearing about Afsenna's hair care. No girl doesn't love the smooth hair of Afsenna.afsenna is the source of motivation for hardworking sisters Hair care every day.

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