With 50 Million, Choose Yamaha Exciter Limited Edition Or Honda Winner X Track?

Two models of opponent underbone hand cars are Yamaha Exciter 155 and Honda Winner X are currently available with the most powerful version towards young people, streetwear <: 00/7: 10 men Competitive time, showing low-voltage hand motorbike segment Underbone Aiming to young people in Vietnam Almost only 2 main rivals are Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA and Honda Winner X. This is also 2 models Collecting hard to change the most outboard style. NEW, Yamaha launched online on 5/9 Exciter 155 VVA models limited, adding options for young customers who like personality. In which, the 60-year version Yamaha participated in MotoGP price 51.99 million VND will compete with Honda Winner X racetrack, price 50 million dong

. To have a comprehensive look at the most advanced version of 2 rival cars Yamaha Exciter 155 and Honda Winner X, the following article will melon to specific comparisons.Yamaha Exciter 155 increased light price, Honda Winner X strongly discounted the time where the motorbike market is going down due to Covid-19 recurring translation , Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA launches a new version in the form of online, emphasizing the style element. The 60-year version Yamaha attended MotoGP for 51
99 million VND, more expensive than the old GP version of 1.5 million VND. The remaining 2 versions are also higher than the launch in December / 2020, from 1 to 2 million. Specifically, Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP costs 48.99 million, and the Master Art of Street has 4 stamp styles, price 51.49 million.Honda Winner X Racing version Competition with Yamaha Exciter 155 60 years MotoGp in the opposite direction, Honda Winner X is having a very strong discount that lasted for several months now, Honda Winner X black version has a reduction of up to 10 million VND depending on agents, to VND 39.5 million ; Winner X racing track decreased from 8.5 to 9 million VND, down to the lowest level of VND 41 million. Sports and Camo versions cost VND 40 million, equivalent to a decrease by 8 to 9 million dong
On the selling price, Honda Winner X is having a low price advantage but has 2 years since the first launch (July / 2019), Honda's Underbone model has no significant change, except for "stamp replacement" more than 1 year ago (August 2020) and adding new stamps in March 2021. Although the disadvantage is higher because of the high price, but Yamaha Exciter new version not only changes stamps, and upgrades the air intake system, exhaust pipe, stirring ribs.Yamaha Exciter 155, Honda Winner X is drumed by limited edition, Yamaha Exciter 155 60-year version still holds the design and parameters 1 year ago. The external image of this underbone is only different from the set of two-color stamps - red simulating Yamaha team colors in the first time to attend the MotoGP season in 1961.So with the Exciter 150 line is still selling, Yamaha Exciter 155 looks more sporty and grew over thanks to a new shirt. The car has 2 independent lighting clusters (the top cos lights and the bottom mixing), different from the Honda Winner X and put 2 lamp clusters downwards. Exciter uses a full LCD clock face (Winner X using a separate screen, smaller). Taillights and fenders after design in YZF-R1 style. Saddle 2 colors with Solo Sports.Yamaha Exciter 155 Limit 60 Years of MotoGP and Honda Winner X Races have a young, healthy design for Honda Winner X, though more than 2 years have not changed, but looks In addition to this model is still "muscular" than rival Exciter 155. This difference is due to car bibs, car heads and hips completely remake compared to the previous generation.Honda Winner X has length measurement x width x High is 2,019 x 727 x 1,088 (mm), much larger when compared to Yamaha Exciter 155 (1,975 mm × 665 mm × 1,085 mm). The morning glamor also dropped to 150 mm to help the car shape "declared" more than before, equivalent to the opponent. However, the Honda Winner X fuel finish is not appreciated, the feeling of sight it clearly Flap or behind the sides. On this point, Yamaha Exciter 155 does better thanks to the design of the 150th after years of upgrading. Follow up, despite being a review of a scooter-scooter design like Airblade or Vario, Honda Winner X Praise the new exhaust pipe cluster, looks healthy. On Yamaha Exciter 155, the gentle exhaust pipe cluster, lack of high-end points.In the tail, designed Yamaha Exciter Limited Edition is higher than Honda Winner X Raceyamaha Racing, Honda has abs space Technology Operation and Safety, Yamaha Exciter 155 temporarily above Honda Winner X when strongly invested in the package of the driver's feeling, especially the young people aged 20 or older, like feeling sport. Exciter 155 not only increased engine capacity to 155 cubicles but also with VVA variable valve technology, anti-slip-like clutches like YZF-R1, 6-speed gearbox, but without ABS. In the upgrade, Yamaha said it was tweaking the air intake system, exhaust pipes, and stirring ribs. On Honda Winner X, the car still retains the block of PGM-Fi, 4 periods, DOHC single cylinders , Cooled solution, capacity of 150 cc from the previous generation. This engine comes with a 6-speed gearbox, producing capacity C

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