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Understanding the difficulties in the Covid-19 season, Ford Vietnam always holds a commitment to service quality, providing many vehicle support, care and maintenance programs for customers 24 / 7.Ford Vietnam Out of the free programs to support customer support in the Covid-19 season. Photo: Nguyen VanTrong the Covid-19 epidemic context still has complicated movements, Ford Vietnam and agents have been deploying services to receive and deliver cars for free. This method helps to limit the maximum exposure, ensuring health safety for customers as well as Ford agent staff throughout the system. After receiving cars from customers, Ford's technicians will conduct defense Born car disinfection before performing service processes, especially frequently exposed points such as door handles, steering wheels and buttons

. The same disinfection process will also be done before delivery to the customer for customers. 24/7 Rescue Assistance (Roadside Assistance) for customers to buy new cars. This support service is available 24/7 (including weekends and holidays) in 63 provinces, which are directly supported via specialized and free switchboards
Ford's customer care station To maintain continuously and operate all day 7th to the work and journey of customers who are not affected, Ford Vietnam has deployed a specialized support team to support agents to provide quick repair solutions For customers, especially Ranger and Transit cars. Donggang, Ford Vietnam also implements a mobile maintenance program that is also carried out monthly by agents across the country, helping customers in localities Ford's genuine agent can also be assured of using products and services without time and effort moving.ford and agents also prioritize corporate customers and organize by implementation Maintenance at the most convenient location for customers. Besides, Ford also organized intensive technical training and provides direct technical support for the technical team of corporate customers and organizations. Dong Ngo Ba Vinh - Translation Director Ford Vietnam's case and spare said that besides constantly improving the quality of after-sales services, Ford also aims to bring long-term economic benefits to customers. Ford agents always use genuine accessories and accessories according to Ford's global standards, and have a competitive cost compared to the general ground of the market. "We will continue to implement policies Flexible for customers to get peace of mind, convenient, have safety journeys and with Ford to create the value of life. " - Mr. Ngo Ba Vinh affirmed.

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