With Only 3 Extremely Simple Materials, Sisters Can Have A Sweet Fragrant Cheese Cake ‘no Escape’!

At home to stretch the way but crave pastries, certainly try this cheese pumpkin cake Nha.0: 00/2: 12 Nouthern regions of raw materials1. Pumpkin 200gr 2. Functional powder 100gr 3. Fiber or condensed milk quantity depending on the hobby of a professional cake to do business, new trafficking is difficult to eat because it is too sweet, so simply So many sisters

. If you are craving for sweets, then go to the kitchen to make the pumpkin cake right away that we suggest the following. Only with 3 ingredients and a few steps simply have the beautiful pretty crushed cakes. The pumpkin cake is! How to make a simple pumpkin 1Preering the pack of 200gr pumpkin and put the granule, rinse and cut it into a small piece
Put in the steaming, steaming about 10-15 minutes to soft mysteries.The soft mysteries are okay! 2 times dough and molding gear for the pumpkin has grown ripe into the bowl with 100gr dough and 2-3 teaspoons Coffee diameter if you want to sweet. Mix even when the powder and pumpkin stretched into a solid powder, no longer sticking with it. Then, you took the powder and squeezed in the palm and put the fiber cheese and then wrapped again conglobate. If there is condensed milk, you can give a special milk to replace the cheese! If you have a sesame or a roasted grain, you can sprinkle a little on the face of the cake after afford to repeat this manipulator By the end of the pumpkin bowl, the pumpkin powder was prepared.3 to heat the oil / oven to heat the 200 degrees C C heat in 5 minutes. Then lined a layer of candle paper into the pot and placed the pumpkin cake, grilled 2 times at a temperature of 180 degrees C for 10 minutes. Don't forget to flip the cake between 2 baked baked. The pumpkin has a natural sweet taste so there is no need to add a diameter or use condensed milk, the cake is still not pale. The red red is rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A when it is broken down and absorbed in stomach
These are antioxidants and enhance your immune system. The studies have also shown that people who regularly eat vegetables containing beta-carotene are less cardiovascular disease (like stroke, heart attack, etc.) and have the incidence of oral and lung cancer (are very popular diseases today) lower. In addition, vitamin A also helps improve skin function and produce sperm. Vietnamese life rhythm

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