With People Take Care Of Vegetables On Smartphones

With the idea to help people grow vegetables as you like, Mr. Nguyen Tan Phuong has implemented the first vegetable planting model through the smartphone app in Da Nang. People only need to choose vegetables, AFARM will carry out growing hydroponic methods, high-tech agriculture and delivered to home when the age of harvested 9: 00/4: 00 namanh Nguyen Tan Phuong desired bring quality vegetable products to the people.Mang App back home after graduation and business in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Tan Phuong decided to implement application building (APP) "AFARM - Farm on Smartphone "growing clean vegetables with the original goal is to have vegetables for relatives in the family to eat

. At that time, he had just made an App, just came to the high-tech agricultural models, met experts to learn more. After having APP, he has just made a vegetable cultivation at a farm in Cu Chi district with 100 m2, which applies a tree care process on its application and adjusted to complete App. Nguyen Tan Phuong Quyet It is intended to bring your ideas in Danang after 2 years on the idea and testing, he established AFARM High-Tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company
Supported partly from Hoa Vang district, between 2018, his AFARM farm officially operated in Hoa Hai village, Hoa Phu commune (Hoa Vang district) with an area of 3 ha. However, when he returned to Da Nang, with different climates, he also had to change accordingly, such as choosing a tree variety in different seasons and planted new varieties of all kinds like salads .Afarm Performing 4 safe vegetable cultivation: No genetically modified, non-pesticide, no growth and non-chemical medication. With hydroponic planting methods will help limit parasites from manure. The first customers he thanked the city, friends and agricultural officers of the city. QUA APP, people and farms can monitor the development process of vegetables. After downloading the App "AFARM - Farm on Smartphone" and account registration, buyers can choose vegetable varieties to grow and observe specifications, as well as the situation of your family's vegetable garden at the AFARM farm through the phone clever. After 39 days, customers will receive products and are delivered to home for 5 days / time depending on the package of 3 months / 6 months / 12 months of registered. Every time you deliver more than 3 kg with 3-6 different vegetables. The number of agribularization is now more than 40 vegetables and tubers are grown on the App and dozen other organic vegetables to donate to guests like : Corrugated vegetables, crabs, spinach, amaranth, vegetables, etc
on each vegetable planting rig are the name of the people who have been planted and the vegetables are chosen. The farm also creates jobs for 7 workers who are people local. Ms. Nguyen Thi My Nhung (42 years old) hand nurses trek seeds on puppies mature. Her husband and wife were employed before forest owners, glue care, she cum more husbandry farming to increase production. In the past 3 years, I would like to do it in AFARM, both in line with the ability and have time to take care of your children and stable income. My My Nhung confided: "Every month I receive 5 million dong, doing this job is much more okay, there are additional funding to take care of the children to study without worrying about rain, sunshine and storms when right Go to the forest to work as before. "New vegetable varieties. So far, Mr. Phuong has more than 200 customers using products through different ways of ordering. He also links to small supermarkets in residential areas to sell vegetables in larger numbers. Ms. Dang Thi Linh Chi (Son Tra District) participated in planting vegetables on the App and received products from 1 year. At first she was introduced and wanted to try, along with the translation of Covid-19, she limited to a large traditional market, so she placed vegetables here and was delivered by farms to the place. "APP interface is easy to use, can track vegetables that will be delivered during the week so I am convenient for processing dishes during the day. I also choose vegetables to "planted" on the App that should trust in the quality of seeds as well as vegetables after harvesting "- Ms. Linh Chi shared. With its ability, AFARM can meet the needs of vegetables of 1,200 city customers. He also maintained his garden in Ho Chi Minh City and associated with two other farms in Lam Dong to ruined vegetables, tubers and fruits. "Although the number of guests is not much compared to the supply capacity, with a long-term Covid-19 translation, the use of technology will be the selection of people as well as clean food stores. Upcoming, I am also carrying out procedures to join OCOP with mesh and vegetable products, thereby confirming more about your product quality, helping city people trust using good vegetable products "- Mr. Nguyen Tan Phuong said.

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