Wiwi Nguyen Representing Vietnam ‘supermodel Me’ 2021

Wiwi Nguyen is one of the two Vietnamese faces attending the Supermodel Me program I am a Asian supermodel. She is rated as a 'deal' model when she gets out of the standards of a pure Vietnamese fashion face.Supermodel Me - I am a supermodel Asian season 6 has returned after 7 years of absence. Attending this year's competition, Vietnam has two representatives: The Face Vietnam 2018 Quynh Anh and Wiwi Nguyen model. Every person who owns its own outstanding point, both are the brightest candidates in this year's competition

.Wiwi Nguyen is really Nguyen Le Huong Quynh, born in 1997 in Ben Tre. From small Wiwi already owns a different appearance with other girls when there is a bile and personality cake skin, the preferences are completely opposite to the image of the Western woman in the thoughts of many people. She was born in a family with parents who did business, none of the art should always be skeptical about the choice of Wiwiwiwi "guys" of Vietnamese village when owning personality style, with many tattoos , Strange appearance
It is the difference that gives this 24-year-old long legs many opportunities to work in the fashion industry with special products. She appeared in high-end fashion magazine publications like Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel Vietnam ... as well as fashion catwalks, advertising projects of brands. The image of two Vietnamese models at Supermodel Me . Owning the body of the beautiful body 80-60-90, with a height of 1m73, but Wiwi also admitted that he was not a good Catwalk model. She looks towards a more diverse and tilted model of fashion. She looks towards a more diverse and tilted model of fashion. "Supermodel Me is the first contest I can enter the house in a real show, which is a great experience for me to explore the new in the program, continue learning, training and watching yourself To prepare for big milestones in your life
" - Wiwi Nguyen Bạc Bạch. Currently, along with Quynh Anh, Wiwi Nguyen is also a representative of Vietnam entitled to a warmly supported audience at the Supermodel Me program that is about to broadcast here. The difference in appearance, personality as well as impressive fashion style, Wiwi Nguyen is being interested and attentive and promised, so many surprises at this program. Founded by former Tyra Banks supermodel and Karen Seah, SuperModel Me - I am a supermodel Asian is returning to season 6 after 7 years of absence. Supermodel Me is currently broadcast in 13 countries. This year, the audience will be watching season 6 of the program in Singapore with 12 ambitious models from Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. English (TH)

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