Wolfsburg Is Eliminated From The German National Cup Due To The Wrong Player

Wolfsburg violates the law when using the right to replace the 6th person in the game in the first round of the German National Cup. In the match against the 4th grade Preussen Muenster team in the first round of the German National Cup, the team of Mark Van Bommel is Use 5 rights to change players. However, they made up to 6 times of changing people. It's notice, the battlecreure of the match does not recognize this unusual thing. Wolfsburg beat 3-1 Preussen Muenster

. However, the German Football Federation canceled this result and recognized a 2-0 victory for 4.Wolfsburg ranking team using the wrong person. Photo: Reuters
"Clubs are responsible for the right to replace people. Wolfsburg violated this in a reckless manner, and could evade, with the replacement of illegal 6th people", Vice Chairman of the Court Sports Stephan Oberholz said.HLV Van Bommel made a 3-fold instead of 90 minutes, then added 3 times in the extra time. As a rule, due to the influence of Covid-19, each team is only replaced with a maximum of 5 players. Wolfsburg's Tim Schumacher Corporation said: "We are very disappointed and disagree with this ruling . We will consider legal measures and expect another result. "This is not the first time the Wolfsburg Sports Court from the German Cup. In 2004, Wolfsburg used Marianne Christian players hanged in the match against Kaiserslautern. The same thing happened to Real Madrid at Copa del Rey 2015/16. At that time, "Los Blancos" brought Denis Cheryshev to the field in the 3-1 victory over Cadiz
This player should have a break, due to receiving enough 3 yellow cards in the last season of Villarreal under the loan contract.Cheryshev even scored the CADIZ and then leaving the back field. After receiving the disciplinary decision, Real sent an appeal to the Spanish Football Federation Discipline Committee but was not successful. Table hunting skills of Legendary Gerd Muller Legendary German football died at age 75. When you were playing, he used to suffer from the bundesliga crafts with a variety of scoring skills.

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