Woman Do Not Wildly And Sow

Buddha taught for 10 big man now, there are 4 now from the mouth causes: It does not say yes, things have to say no, to say malice, say two words, the two bearing and say embroidered det.0: 00 / 1: domain 09Nam NamBat everyone knows that the wounds on the body more time to heal the wounds caused by words. So, know pandered 7 times before the ngon.Nhung seemed more civilized society, people increasingly assume the right to freedom of speech to go spread the poison of his mouth. See someone new born, immediately pull over criticism thoughtfully bad, patented fat mother

. Not always see couples pregnancy, immediately simile 'noisome not left, stand no girl con'.La women living faith is to me, how much do verbal lest disaster down empty head. A smart woman is how to apply the ink
In life, not accidentally say a sentence makes others angry liver heart is "wrong step, walk a mile" .Nen Me, sick from the mouth that on, painting from the mouth out. Everyone should have responsibility for what he has to say. There are words that people say heartless, intentionally listeners. While arbitrary strong mouth accidentally created countless enemies without hay.Boi so tu tu mouth was half his life roi.Rieng women, there are 5 types of weeds that do not export now, if not 3 generations sins: 1. Do not say the words difficult nghe2. No arbitrary assessment khac3 people. Do not tell lies, fooled dao4
Do not be curious, hair, mach5. Not three to, say two loiTheo Access Nguyet / Khoevadep

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