Woman Growing Grape, Grapefruit, Chicken Farming On The Terrace 100 M2

For many years, Ms Trinh Huong planted fruits, vegetables and pigeons, chickens on the rooftop to provide clean food for the family.0: 00/2: 44 South Southern days of distance, Sister Trinh Huong Market through the market thanks to tomato garden, vegetables, cauliflower, cabbage, gourd, pumpkin, melon, grapefruit, grapefruit ... and raise 10 chickens, 50 pigeons

. With you, this is both source Provide clean food, both a place to help the family relax. "I often woke up early to the birds and chickens. In the evening, when I ended up online, I caught deeply and irrigated vegetable beds
It is a very good way to relax in the translation, "she told Zing. Zheng Huong has 6 years of experience planting fruit trees on the terrace. There are vegetables, fruits and fruits in this year 6 years, Ms. Huong embarked on gardening to Satisfactory cultivation and avoid waste of terrace area. The roof of her husband and wife handled the structure and waterproofing carefully when building the house. The incense split the garden into areas suitable to the sun's needs, wind of each tree. With the vegetable growing area, she built a brick of drainage holes on both sides and how to get 20-30 cm away from the floor. The remaining area, sister-designed plastic tanks, stainless steel dome ports to grow climbing trees such as election, secret, melon, melon. With hoai category manure.After buying seedlings, seeds from prestigious addresses, nursing into cups or trays, coconut fiber tablets for healthy plants and then carrying growing
And care suitable for each type of tree. According to Ms. Huong's experience, what season planted to grow well, easy to take care of and limit pests. "The tree is very sunshine, the best garden should not be roofed . Sunny summer can be covered with straw or dried leaves on moisturizing pots and provides enough water for trees. Should plant sparse trees, have a moderate distance to have enough photosynthesis. I planted intercropping with some kinds such as marigold, shallow lotus, smelled leaf trees to limit pests and pests and pests and beauty, "she shared. Waste in the kitchen to incubate organic fertilizer for trees. Thanks to the careful care, her garden for vegetables and fruits around the year. It likes to learn and test, she also buys many overseas seeds in cultivation. , Dove. Large fun with Ms. Huong, the care of the garden doesn't take much time and effort. Therefore, she still ensures the work and taking care of the family. The property harvested by the whole family, she often gave relatives and friends. Thanks to the experience of "terrace farmers" last 6 years and Share pictures of lush gardens, Ms. Huong is used by many people by advising on how to grow and take care of plants. Fruits are grown in the garden. Ms. Huong, even if he lives in the city and does not have Land, people can still design the rooftop garden to grow organic vegetables. "When you love, passionate about something and spend time and mind to do it, you will get a worthy result . The self-cultivation of golden melons, green vegetables ... bring great joy to me. Every time it is up to cooking, just carrying the basket on the garden, there is a delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy, "she said. Each once harvested vegetables, tubers and fruits that the family did not eat all, Ms. Huong often carried away donate relatives and friends. Multi-person: NVCC

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