Woman Thanks To Her Husband To Take 3 Children To Cook Porridge, Play Rice For Difficult People

After witnessing an elderly wandering by garbage bins, Ms. Phung Thi Thu Hoai (38 years old, leaders of a business in Hanoi) could not hold their hearts, she decided to organize activities to support people Poor in Hanoi. From Hanoi, every day, every day receives hundreds of calls and countless messages please help, Ms. Hoai doesn't remember all volunteers to transfer rice, food that supports difficulties . The living season in the season is really easy, especially with lottery sellers, street vendors or scavengers, free labor

.After witnessing an old man wandering with trash , Ms. Phung Thi Thu Hoai (38 years old, leaders of a business in Hanoi) cannot hold their hearts, she decided to organize activities to support the poor in Hanoi. Freedom workers in the scene Unemployed, '' stuck "in Hanoi supported rice
" I joined my hands to join every little person, when I cooked rice 0 VND, when I was free of charge in hospitals . Disease outbreaks, we go together in alleys, hand-held people with difficult circumstances of rice, tangle of vegetables, meat bags ... ", Ms. Hoai said regularly every week, porridge Ms. Hoai's love and group of friends come to poor patients in some hospitals in Hanoi. Hostel (black shirt) and his friends give gifts to the veterans' association. Looking at the black kids are given my mother to get the aid that tears, only hopes to contribute to them to support them a little to comfort, helping people overcome this difficult period .Buns with the company, worry about life for employees, seriously serious people, Ms
Hoai also does not forget to grateful doctors day and night in hospitals to support patients, or soldiers officers Week, the whole month of orders to block, control the prevention and control of the epidemic. "Cases remotely call for help, most I will verify and transfer them to support them some money hope they pass the days of days difficult . There are days I received hundreds of such calls, and the message was countless. Nest, masks, rice, milk donate doctors of the first linear epidemic. There are messages I don't dare to open it because Too much, I'm afraid my strength doesn't help them all. One day I started from 6am to 12pm at 12pm, but many days 12 hours still had a caller to help. A night, when preparing to go to sleep, a little girl called me to save that my mother was healing and Stuck in the blockade area, it is impossible to buy medicine, the house has nothing to eat. She just called crying makes me too touched. Encourage to be assured, 6am the next morning, I ran carrying rice, medicine and little necessities, she just received crying and crying makes me not to handle tears in ladies. Stuck in Hanoi, when I came, they said that 1 week now no feeling of getting hot rice bowls. Get rice bags from my hand, they bowed their heads, tears and tears made me remember forever, "Ms. Hoai confused and added, since Hanoi stretched by social way to date, she spent about 3 billion VND For such volunteer activities, support tens of thousands of cases. There are days, the group of Ms. Hoai Phat out of tons of rice, thousands of cans of nest water, hundreds of cans with shrimp noodles and oil noodles for difficult people. With Hoai, let me have forever will stop the volunteer journey. The company runs the company and calls for support, giving gifts to help people who are very busy, the woman hit the age of 40 does not have much time for the family. This time, all of her children are studying online, are fortunate to support their husbands, so their studies are led by him, so that she is more secure when you volunteer. " The days of tired of pants on the street, go to each lane, send gifts to each house, but the night still accepts the messages blame that she promised to come and not come to see the day ... As a normal woman and helps people with his mind, equal to their strength. There are times when I'm happy, I used to think about stopping, do not volunteer, staying at the house to get tired, but that thought only flashed a few seconds, the next day received the calls please help I'll take a car again, '', the businesswoman who caught it. As a sister Phung Thi Thu Hoai, this time, Mr. Do Van Tuan (42 years old) also ledged the family and the company to accomplish, shared With disadvantaged circumstances. With you, volunteers like a charm. Incidentally once he applied to transfer a little meal contribution to 0 Dong of the Volunteer Group in Hanoi, it was invited to play rice for difficult people, from which he was attached to the activity of the group. Money, Mr. Tuan (Purple coal) always accepted calves when going to a volunteer rice. "Before there was translation, I participated in cooking rice for the poor, patients with dialysis. Still have to go to work so I don't have too much time, every afternoon I enlist 1-2 an extra with 0 copper rice cooker,

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