Woman To Earn $ 600 Million In 8 Years

After 8 years of business, Julia Haart quickly became a millionaire USD. Currently, she and the billionaire Silvio Scaglia are the power couple of the fashion world.0: 00/3: 56 NAMJULIA HAART is the star of My Unorthodox Life, the actual program talks about CEO of Cong Fashion model model played on Netflix. She is famous for having a straightforward view of the Jewish life on American land, and the way to leave his homeland to find the flashy of fashion. According to SCMP, Julia's net assets HAART fell about 600 million USD

. This is the impressive number of a woman who decides to "remake from the beginning" at the age of 43 and succeed after 8 years in the market. "The way Julia Haart moved from the Sheitelian team (Jewish wig) And daily prayers to an independent, rich women with branded clothes, with a separate helicopter are what people want to learn, "said SCMP comment.Julia Haart is the CEO of the model company Ly Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima
Photo: Getty. Millionaires Thanks to fashion passion in many interviews, Julia Haart affirmed that fashion is the biggest motivation to motivate her to find the business path. During his life in Monsey, New York, she saved by selling insurance, waiting for the day to perform the passion for fashion for a long time. When choosing the homeland, Haart decided to design its own shoe line. In 2013, she combined with skiing experts, using special gel designed by NASA to create high-heeled shoe designs described as helping users feel "super comfortable". That helps the famous Julia HAART name in the fashion world. Many big brands come to her to buy copyrights, invite collaboration.Julia Haart succeeds only after 8 years of encroaching on business. Photo: @juliahaart. "It's not uncommon when I started a shoe company, though I never managed shoes
I found my own factory, the teacher in Italy so they did it. My main job is PR, sales. This is a key, "HAART told People. Finally, Julia Haart was noticed by LA Perla luxury company. Silvio Scaglia - Buyers of Fashion Brands, Beauty 2015 - Finding Jewish Woman After Her Shoe Design Methods are disciplined by fashion. From the lucrative cooperation, HAART gradually trusted and became the creative director of La Perla. In an interview with The New York Times, Julia Haart affirmed that the big company was always pressured. The relationship between her and Silvio Scaglia is not as great as imagining. In the first year, they have many disagreements, even harshly controversy. Finally, thanks to respect criteria, together to bring the company to go up, they finally become friends, then lover. Powerful couple in 2019, two people decided to get married and become a couple Husband power in fashion world. According to SCMP, the audience can see Silvio Scaglia as a successful entrepreneur in his wife's reality program, but he has a difficulty of enrichment. According to New York Times, in 2010, Silvio was arrested for fraud Tax and money laundering. He sat in prison for a year, then arrested at home. Two years later, he was blank criminal fraud, then continued to work in fashion, technology and quickly enriched, according to Oprah Daily. After getting married, Silvio chose to follow their wife. Currently, the net asset value of Swiss businessman is at 1 billion USD. His huge amount is mainly earned from FastWeb, a telecommunications company in Italy.julia HAART and Billionaire Silvio Scaglia Haart is the power couple of fashion. Photo: @ Juliahaart. About Julia Haart, in addition to being the creative director of La Perla, she is also co-owned Elite World with her husband. She is also CEO of the company. Elite World Group is a large-scale model management company, once signed with many global stars, including Rita ORA, Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima.Theo Report of Bloomberg in October 2020, Elite World On the stock exchange and be attentively attentive. At that time, the company was negotiating to implement the cooperation deal with Galileo Acquisition Corp. Group. In the first offering, the company received 138 million USD. According to Bloomberg, Julia Haart and her husband are looking for many ways to bring the company one of the groups with global scale. In the My Unorthodox Life program on Netflix, Julia said she is passionate about business and doing many ways to realize that.

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