Woman Using Acid To Stretch Your Face, Results Surprise

Would like to give up but the 'wanted to be beautiful, so pain "with the comfort of the doctor, making Amanda try to endure this day through the other day and achieved unexpected results. According to the Sun, Ms. Amanda Watkins, 51 years old , Living in Bournemouth, England, which is very disgusted with wrinkles on his face. According to Amanda, the wrinkles around her eyes are clear, she is extremely discouraged when the makeup, because the makeup is getting older. After consulting a plastic surgeon, Ms

. Amanda decided It was planned to spend 1800 pounds for a fairly painful wrinkle therapy.Amanda said, she used acid chemical products to burn the surface of the wrinkled skin. Although this is not an invasive treatment, the recovery time is very uncomfortable
In the course of treatment, the face will be very stretched and even feels sunburned. At the beginning of therapy, in a few days, burning situation, burning burns on the face became more severe, even Amanda's eyes started to swell so that she couldn't open her eyes and could not live on its own . Very wanted to give up but faith "want to be beautiful, it hurts" along with the doctor's comfort, making Amanda try to endure this day through other days.Amanda said, during recovery, the skin is extremely low Getting sunshine, furthermore due to the use of yellow disinfection powder to avoid infection, Amanda decided to stay at home for nearly a week and thanks to the daughter to help. After the recovery tissue lesions, Amanda still signs signs of peeling On the face, it looks like a zombie. She said: "The first day I treated, the feeling was really afraid. My skin burns, the pain lasts for 12 hours. Although there is an assistant who has used the electric fan to help cool down in the process Treatment but it's absolutely ineffective ".Anda shares the process of wrinkled eye wrinkles on Tiktok, messages with her love to beautify that, want to perform this skin rejuvenation therapy, it is necessary to think about. Amanda's eyes were out of swelling, no longer clear wrinkles and faces became more radiant
Anda was very pleased with the effectiveness, but also called on others to understand their skin conditions and let's Thoughtfully thought before making a decision. Amanda's eyes wrinkle was completely disappeared after using skin rejuvenation. It could be clear, Amanda's skin was much thinner. Invite readers to monitor video: 5 ways to prevent skin aging Easy to exert (according to MT)

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