Women And Children Afghanistan Are Prioritized As Refugees In The Uk

In the context of the Taliban returned to occupy Afghanistan and successfully controlled the capital of Kabul, the British government pledged to welcome about 20,000 Afghan people to resettled in this country in the coming years. Women and children Afghanistan Fall In the miserable situation after the Taliban occupied the capital of Kabul. Photo: BBCanh to carry out a refugee plan for 20,000 Afghan people who led from the BBC (England), the British government is planning to support resettlement for Afghan citizens in the context of Taliban to control the country. Accordingly, the plan is expected to create conditions for about 20,000 Afghan people to refugee in the UK in the coming years. In the first year, 5,000 refugees will qualify for resettlement in the UK and top priority For women, children and other priority people

. These include interpreters and others who have worked for the UK. The Minister of the Interior, Ms. Priti Patel (England) wrote on the Daily Telegraph, calling for other countries to help in support Afghan people because "we can't be alone doing this
" Meanwhile, some opposition parties argue that the plan may not go far enough. Opening, British Prime Minister Borris Johnson will run a meeting at the House of Representatives on the situation in Afghanistan on 9:30 BST (now Summer Britain), on August 18, 2021. In addition, the source also said Mr. Johnson talked to US President Joe Biden on the issue of people evacuating people in the capital of Kabul (Afghanistan) on Tuesday night, August 17 / 2021.A spokesman The British government said the leaders are determined to work closely in the coming weeks to support as many Afghan people leaving the country as possible. "The prime minister emphasized will not to lose the achievements achieved in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, protecting ourselves before any terroristism and continues to support Afghan people". Afghan people Casting to Hamid Karzai International Airport looks forward to evacuation. Photo: AFP Refugee and resettlement program in the UK spends top priority for women, children and minority groups in Afghanistan. Information on how to register will soon be notified. This plan is also based on the same policy for the Syrian war, which shows that the results of nearly 20,000 refugees are taken to England from 2014 to 2021
However, leaders acknowledged the fact that the plan to bring people from Afghanistan will be much more difficult due to the control of Tailiban forces. The new resettlement plan for Afghan people, the Prime Minister Mr. Borris Johnson, said: "We are grateful to everyone who has worked with us to help build Afghanistan over the past 20 years. Many of them, especially women, need urgent help From us "Also, Ms. Patel also said she wants to make sure the UK is doing everything to support the most vulnerable Afghanists, who are trying to flee in panic, To have a better life in the British country.20,000 people are "not enough" secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds of Shadow Home welcome plan of the British government, but still concerned this policy is "Not enough". "20,000 should be the starting point of this plan, not the goal of" .Clusions, posted on Twitter, Mr. Ian Blackford, Politicians Leaders of Scotlan ethnic Party in Westminter (Britain), this plan has Can not "absorb the tower" and the target of at least 35,000 to 40,000 Afghan refugees. However, Mr. ADM Sir Ben Key, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and who is also running the program His evacuation said this time is working on "out of capacity" to support Afghan people. He said: "We will continue to operate as long as we can meet the demand and timely support when the political situation changes" .Ning: BBCPhuong Thanh (Translation)

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