Women Are Not … Weak

When thinking about the identity and personality of the Vietnamese woman, from the depths of his heart, he suddenly turned off the clam dao and something to bear, endure: 0: 00/4: 34 domain Namđi Where to do with the same copy of the cold shape, the person who follows, followed, simply from consciousness, with the man who was husband, naturally became a spare tree and cypress. Say like Kieu story: "Thousands of Tung Tung Tung Tung Tung / Snow Dew protects for Cat Dang". Even a woman who married was that they had stepped through another world, sometimes to utter: married, they must follow a solid cave, the Dragon Cave is also followed. " Don't argue. All the husband's orders were compiled by the members of the family

. The unreasonable and unprecedented thing, from all the responsibilities in the house are poured by the husband to his wife's shoulders. See, "Damn in Mother", "Phuc Duc at the form", "Watching the kitchen knows women" .
. all the abilities all spend a person who is awarded an extremely American title "in the general". Once the woman sacrifices his segan age to her husband, they should have been right to "say again" but it was impossible because it was "the celestial". So where does it stick? That is, their lives are different before, have to accept, there is no moment dedicated to me anymore. It has been recognized but due to the pressure of the basis of customs, practices, old concepts So they can't "break out". It was ridiculous to the extent, "where she put me sitting". Evidence is Loan in the great section of Nhat Linh, to pay the debt to the mother, she must accept the body - a trivial young man, her pet son said. Meanwhile, she loved her because he lived his own ideal and loud. During the feast of the pink, "Loan was seriously sitting with his body," the husband's family reacted to the pocket! When publishing this novel in 1935, Nhat Linh wrote the topic of books: "Donate Concept Hung, the author of the Spring half, the general writer a concept with me to the current society, donate young people Men and women who have ever been strict about new old conflicts "Why do this collar? Here, I don't discuss it, just conclude that it is praised by the Championship, rounding the celestial army, the poet Lake Dzeanh commented right: She never knows the butterfly HOAMÁ PINK every piece of effress, she is happy, It was when I had a poetry, welcoming the old age, the era of Computer was different. The woman is more aware of their power
What rights? The right to spawn. One rights that no men match and they become a woman with the most beautiful and holified meaning. They recognized their position. And they have the right to take initiative, keeping the right to actively enjoy, live according to their likes. Then, don't rush, shoot their selfish hats that if you have a man, have a husband who loves his wife, they need to share and agree. Why are when married, the man still has "the world Particularly "with the relationship with relationships and pleasures outside the society; And the woman is the most beautiful when standing kitchen? Sometimes the woman thinks that I went to so that I was happy and happy. Not sure. Having a real story, I heard it told that she didn't have to go home to visit her mother who was sick, before the day I went away with a thoughtful of all drinks, put it in the refrigerator and took this day to eat Hey etc ... Yes, she is rest assured. Then, three days later, she got home, nothing changed. Food is almost still yuan. Simply, her husband and children have taken to eat and have other activities on the occasion ... she's away from home. Don't think your "celestial" must do that. Yes, just doing that, but what kind of husband is her husband? As with the coal breathing: "My whole life sacrificed for her husband", the husband smiled flies: "Who told her?" Bat? So, once a woman has a chance for yourself, enjoy the joy of living in a certain period without being welcome to the "delica". Need to cheer, support. Women live for themselves - a live vision. No other men, the woman also needs the time to reload energy in his way. Can travel alone, shopping alone, relaxing alone, so, what are the only men with that "privilege"? And with women told them to selfish. Ai selfish? Thinking for the same, married to start a new life, other than before, more interesting, not ending with the kitchen every day. Modern women are still a person who demands in a man more than its seniors. Not only money, social positions, stable jobs can be wrapped, worry about their children but also to know "Lang Tang" with his wife. And they absolutely have the right to live with their own "world", as long as that choice does not affect family happiness. Beautiful kite, attractive at it is flying, flying, the bravery of kites is still known to adjust the distance from the ground to the sky, not just decorate it where the kitchen is sparse, I dare Declaration that when the man reflects the quality of the man

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