Women Divorce Like A Wet Shirt

The divorce woman is like a wet shirt. Is there many people ready to wear that wet shirt? Writer Hoang Anh Tu has had interesting sharing with VOV on this topic.0: 00/1: 32 real-life people are divorced women often suffering much mental injury, even no no Little words. So remodernation sometimes becomes extremely difficult. Currently, even though the society is much more open, but, while the fact that men go steps to be seen as naturally, support Of all people, with women not

. The person whose woman towards usually people have crashed like themselves. Therefore, if at the second time has any problems, the woman will be much more miserable. Illustration
Source: PEXELSTUY Naturally, according to the writer Hoang Anh Tu, seemingly women when remarried is often happier. Because they had experienced after a broken marriage, they learned about the more man, and especially they respected the next happiness. There are many women after divorce feel afraid to Starting a new relationship, feeling is not confident about yourself or even because they are too sympathetic, so it is easily used for men to take advantage of emotionally. Therefore, they are afraid to go to the steps. Van Hoang Anh Tu said that even if the cause of marriage, it is also the past. We need to step over, need to look forward to see a happier future. "Although in any circumstances, the woman also has a happy, interested and sharing. And happiness is not identified by gender, the more you don't have to assign that you have never been married or you have over a boat. No matter who it is, regardless of any circumstances, women are to love "- house Van Hoang Anh Tu affirmed ./
Thu Hang / VOV2

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