Women Don’t Try To Keep Marriage Unhappy With Two Words ‘for Children’

Marriers that do not originate from love is unlikely to be tragedy and marriages are built by sincere love that is unlikely to be a Marriage of Marriage 9: 00/3: 15 Nam people Saying, marriage like gamble is not wrong. Marrsas who do not originate from love is unlikely to be tragedy and marriages are built because the sincere love is unlikely to be a full and happy marriage. So only when we are As a family, actually living the life of husband and wife, have children to understand the opponent, who really know is that true, sincere love sticking for a lifetime. Forever, there are times when the temptation of money, love out there for overshadow. And then, even though he once thought of holding his hand to the first silver, there was a day when he had a farewell or betrayed

. There was a person who would choose to accept his gaze of his life but someone chose to live on behalf Family to protect children, protect the so-called warm nest people who are looking at. People say, marriage like gamble is not wrong. (Artwork) They don't want to lose their self-reliant, do not want their loved ones
They even suffered humiliated, insulting and both violence to try to keep the so-called family that have everised so from love. I know many women women accept an adultery husband, one person Vu Phu Men General Blanket General Pillow. They fear their children suffering, fearing their children will grow in the lack of love of his father or mother. They fear their children will be disadvantaged when looking at ever suspendedly happy full of parents out there. But that's not all. If you really think of choosing a marriage life, I have my mother to even ignore myself, then you can, then you may be wrong ... many people recognize the short life, only once in life And if it really "lives", it should be "live" for true meaning. You choose to live next to a man I don't love just to keep the father of the baby
Then night about you cry silently with the loneliness in my own house? There are times when you have to hide your bruises on your hands or insult into mind? Demonstration for children but a mother does not have a happy soul, there is no optimistic spirit, happiness, will it create a happy child? Family is important, nobody wants your children right However, if you give your child a fake happiness, you are a mistake. I used to think like you until I realized, myself when escaping with a more golden sesame husband, stronger, I had another look. I take care of children, love children with love Thuong of both parents. Of course, I don't teach your child to hate the father who gave up this love. Never thought to live with a person who was no longer love because of the two words "children". (Artwork) I always want your child to respect the current and look far away, let me understand whether my parents are not on each other, my parents are always the most loving and ready to do the best Con.Ly kissing nothing is bad, that's when love is no longer, when both feel unable to live together. Freeda for the opponent is also a way to liberate yourself and know on that path, you find anyone who suits you more? Never think to live with a person who has no love for two words "children". There is sacrifice that is extremely big but there are things when you sacrifice only suffering for many people. If realized it is no longer together, giving up the most civilized way to be a father, The mother that children respect, loves all. The future of the children will never be absent from his parents. Brother

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