Women Only Need These 4 Habits Before The Age Of 40, The Disease, Wrinkles, Aging Will Not Appear, 60 Is Still Unique

If you are about to step into the age of 40 and don't want me to become old quickly, right from now on, you should improve and form a good living habit for me.0: 00/3: 21 South Many people Evaluate that: Women's beauty only exists before 40 years of age because of this milestone, the ability to metabolize in women's body decline and the speed of aging will happen very quickly. However, this statement is only relative because many women know how to maintain beauty, so even 50-60 years old is still very young. In contrast, there are many sisters who only step over the age of 40 skin have wrinkled, white hair, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, high blood pressure, diabetes since when. If you are about to enter Age 40 and don't want me to become old quickly, right from now on, you should improve and form a good habit of your life

. Just maintain 4 habits below, then you will still be healthy, the skin is berry, the effect is better than expensive cosmetics.1. Drinking enough water every day is a special component that accounts for a large proportion in the body
If you are less drinking water, your body will be in a long time of dehydration for a long time, causing toxins that are not easily discharged outside. Moreover, if the lack of water, the skin becomes more dry. Just try to imagine a dry tree and a tree is watered every day, which tree will be more fresh? If the lack of water, cell oxidation speed will be faster, accelerate the aging process and will make wrinkles appear very fast. Basic, you should form more water drinking habits even if the body does not Feeling very thirsty, it's best to take about 8 cups of water (about 2 liters) every day. Exercise for 40 minutes a lot of women was 40 years old but they still have a toned slim body and a beautiful youthful face, a common point of them that are always working hard and collectively Exercise regularly will help maintain normal operations of agencies in the body. It also works to increase metabolic speed. Each mobility date for at least 40 minutes not only helps you eliminate excess calories in the body but also help increase lung capacity, thus improving health quality At the same time, looks are also better improved. Applying full sunscreen sunscreen that protects our skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays (UV), in which UVA and UVB rays from sunlight. In particular, in the hot summer days, UV rays are particularly dangerous, so the use of sunscreen each increasingly has to be higher. There are many people who have a wrong view that sun protection is only needed during the season Summer
However, in fact, regardless of 4 spring, lowering, collecting, or east, just have sunshine, we must apply sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the skin, this is the main reason for causing skin aging and forming blackmoths, darkening on the skin. I should be built for yourself. Sunscreen every day. You should apply sunscreen before going out 30 minutes and then 2-3 hours again comes back once.4. Don't eat too much substance in there, fat can break collagen on the skin, which is the cause of wrinkles, pigmentation on the skin and make sisters older than the real age. In the day there are a few notes in meals : - Breakfast is the most important meal without leaving, before breakfast needs to drink plenty of water filtering. - Lunch is moderate, best is green, fruits and fruits. - Dinner needs to eat less, it is best to eat Items not too much calories. Dinner needs to eat before going to bed from 2-3 hours.

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