Women Only Need To Own Proper 2 Things, 2 Small Things, All Life Are Happy, Don’t Need To Worry About Money

According to generals, women owns these generals are people with rich life, happy, do not need to worry about money in: 00/2: 59 nouthern southern nose, big nose It is the mercy of the woman. The illustration of all sisters wants to own a high nose, a slender nose shape so many people choose to go aesthetic surgery to get this beauty. However, according to the generals of the General, women own a big nose general are considered blessing, a sign that the person has a leisurely life, enjoying the physical, the nose shows for fame and money , Health in every human being. Women with large nasal wings, bulge them are people who live carefree, comfortable, know how to enjoy life. They need tickling, hardship, spending money with their efforts to earn, know how to make the future, so life is quite residual

. If women have a big nose but not full, you are a person who lives in society , Civilized behavior, loved by everyone. Your life will be the most lucky after the age of 40. At this time, all your efforts will be rewarded by the deserving, postmenocessmen with your child
Separating big chin is considered one Beautiful women's generals. The image of the surname is like a nose, many sisters like to own a small, slender chin, they think that big chin is raw and bad. However, according to generals, big chin, full round is considered a very beautiful general. Owners of a round chin are often very honest, Hien Thuc, tolerable, optimistic personality, treating people very qualified. The woman has this general always try your best in life to not Must regret later. They will meet much luck, favorably in love and family happiness. Not only that, their work is also extremely happy, there will be a rich life, the whole life does not have to worry about money. Small mouth owners who own small mouths are often very skillful. Female ownership Small mouths are not only beautiful, graceful but by generals, this person usually has a love, sociable, charming, non-greedy, selfish that knows sacrificed because others should be much Lovers and respects. These people who own this general are also very clever, sharp and smart so everything goes quite smoothly, doing anything to go to the place
Not only that, women own a small mouth of a small mouth of the prosperous prosperity, know how to play, take care of the family. So how to know small or big mouths? You can use 3 fingers (index finger, middle finger, the youngest finger) folds in the vertory to make standards, mouth cloudy and put 3 fingers on the mouth. If the horizontal width of the mouth is equal to the vertical 3-finged fingers, the average oral size, below that level is considered a small, larger mouth is considered a wide mouth. However, this method is only relative to the fact that some people size the fingers are pretty big, applying this comparison is not necessarily accurate. Separating small breasts female small breasts with intuitive Sensitive, gifted about fields related to art. If they own small breasts, do not have a trend like others, sisters don't hurry. Because the majority of women with noble small breasts, the late life is also rich, well-being. According to generals, women with small breasts have intuitively sensitive, talented with technology related fields Art. Besides, this person also owns intelligence smarter than people, humor, they will be a great partner if the guy owns. (*) Reference information!

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