Women With 5 Habits Should Maintain, After Age 40 Are Still Young, After 60 Years Old Still Stretched

The older the beauty and the health of women go down. But if you keep yourself these habits, it is possible to repel the aging signs.00: 00/2: 11 Southern men's activities for 40 minutes a day to get a slim body, firmly with a face Young, you need to work hard for 40 minutes a day. The motor process will help improve blood traffic, provide oxygen and nutrients needed to nourish skin, help skin smooth, rosy more. Besides, movement also helps heal wounds faster

. At the same time, prevention of overweight and obesity-related diseases. The physical activity process helps burn excess calories in the body. Support and improve physique as well as slow down the aging process
Did enough water every day to be provided with enough water will increase the absorption capacity for skin cells, expand pores, facilitate For metabolism and purification of residues contribute to skin cleaning. If a lack of water, cell oxidation will be faster, speed up the old process and will make wrinkles appear very quickly, Make skin to be hungry, rough, wrinkled. The illustration. The sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen helps protect the essential proteins of the skin, including collagen. These proteins help keep the skin smooth, preventing cancer cells. Sunscreen will help protect and prevent the effects of UV rays, preventing skin aging, which helps skin more youthful and full of vitality. I should form your own habits for sunscreen Every day in all 4 spring, lower, autumn and crowded. Apply before going out from 20-30 minutes and 2-3 hours away, reapply once. Don't eat too much the body too much fat that the body does not consume it easily to accumulate into excess fat in the sets The body makes the body overweight. Besides, fat is also one of the causes of collagen breaking on the skin, which forms the wrinkles on the skin that makes sisters older than their true age
Good emotional control and keep Calm with positive emotions and attitudes in life often tend to have less disease than those who have a negative mood. When you learn how to control yourself, you will be able to resist stress, pressure and troubling problems in life and work.

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