Words From Planting Flowers And Strange Bonsai

On average, each year, the Garden House of England actrusted about nearly a thousand types of scenes of all kinds, interest collection of about VND 1 billion.02: 00/3: 36 namsinh and grew up in Trieu De commune, Lap Thach district - where There are flowers growing flowers, famous ornamental plants, just from small, Mr. Luu Van Tuan, Vong Son village has been familiar with planting, caring and trimming plants. With the passion and skillful hands, frequent contact with craft village artisans, so he has accumulated a lot of precious experiences, especially the tips on farming and artistic techniques. Lai Vui Son on the mid-March days, we had the opportunity to visit the flower garden, his family's ornamental plants obeyed when he was on the introduction of flower pots, ornamental plants for guests

. He complied with: planting flowers, ornamental plants are not so idle, even eating and sleeping on time, taking care of it. From births, si trees seem to be senseless, uncomfortable, to form a wrong bon, soul and valuable requires growers, trimmeres must have skillful hands, eyes America and passion, artistic quality. Along with that, the workers also need to promptly grasp technology, consumer trends over time, each age to advise and market players
In addition, investment costs are not small, capital to maintain is also quite large, a pot for bonsai can be up to several tens of millions of dong, the cost of hiring hundreds of millions / year, but many trees Must "wait" because it has not been found to find the owner ... particularly, flower growing, ornamental plants also underwent many ups and downs and challenges, especially the time of 2012-2015, flower market, storm ornamental plants Hoa, the price of bonsai dropped low, many households in the village had to quit their jobs, he stained still trying to rotate enough jobs, even mortgaging houses to borrow more capital to maintain hobby and passionate. And then it is difficult through, when the flower market, the bonsai begun to prosper from about 5 years, the British family refers only to pay off bank loans but also build a new house with a price Treatment of billions of dong. Currently, with over 1ha garden, he complies with about 300 peony, carpentry, birth, si of canopy; More than thousands of small and medium-type ornamental plants, the number of trees and bons wrongly up to nearly one thousand. Depending on the type, he complies with the sale at different prices. Carpentry in the most valuable garden is being paid by VND 1 billion. Peony ornamental plants, small and medium ornamental plants are ranging from 10-20 million VND / tree. There are also types of bons like Khe Khe, Guava, Lemon, Young, Mai Son, Linh San, Fantasy
.. priced ranging from 3 million - 10 million VND / tree. On average, each year, the British Garden Housing sells about nearly 1,000 types of ornamental plants, collecting interests of about 1 billion dong. His customers come from all over the provinces and cities throughout the country. Thanks to the prosperity of the bonsai market, in addition to 4 family workers, the flower garden, his ornamental plants that also create jobs for 2 regular workers and 7 seasonal workers. Hatching a lot of new plans to develop garden houses. "I want to expand the garden size further, want to bring many new plants to grow, especially items such as wrong bon and building trees. Along with that, there will be many beautiful bonsai bonsai, producing many flowers, durable flowers, trees have time to be in the house longer. To fulfill its intentions, initially, I contacted a number of scientists, owners of garden houses specializing in bon wrong to learn more knowledge about hybrid, extraction, stimulate fast flowering trees , have high durability. "- UK Follow added. Next traditional profession, Mr. Luu Van Tuan is one of the typical mirrors in millions of land to turn the land into" gold ", building warm life, doing Rich on homeland land. In particular, do not hide the experience of enriching, willing to share the secret of making trees and business for those who are passionate about vocational, want to start a business, his home garden is "the" address "reliable for many people, most As a young man to learn, visit the model. (According to the gate of Vinh Phuc province)

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