Works ‘mother’s Boat’ On Television

The 'Mother's Boaker' plays organized by the CAND Theater will officially waves the Vietnamese television station, VTV1 channel at 20h40 on 11/7.Vo praising the intelligious security soldier and Vietnamese mother Male hero. The theater revolves around a family with a revolutionary tradition with dedication, sacrifice for the Fatherland, since the time of the resistance against France, against the US until the years of Binh.That - She is poor and optical -Geoterman boys, fleeing the family, going revet. Because of the mission, Quang continued to sacrifice happy family, into the south, operating in the enemy, leaving a young wife and son of a baby poetry

. Trust the common heart, iron lipstick of the husband, quietly brushed, endure all the lilies, reconciliation, trying to raise a great, mature. Honoring, sacrificing the career to fight the Fatherland .
. "Mother's boat" by NSND Nguyen Thuy Hien, director of the art of the CAND Theater, Le Hung, directed by the NSND Le Hung. Bui Vu Minh is the author of the scenario.

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