World Cup Qualifiers 2022: China Started ‘intelligence’, Studying Habits Of Each Opponent Player

The Chinese team began to focus on today (August 19) to prepare for the World Cup qualifier 2022.02: 00/1: 25 South Vietnam in the rigorous requirements that the Chinese Coaching Board proposed for bridges That was the fact that they had to study their opponents with his position on the field. The assistant team will collect video tapes, offering reviews of the opponent's play habits and playback styles and sends it back to the Chinese player "Learning". "China's training committee will have Many different sources to collect opponents' information. Each player will be popular about opponents playing with their position

. They must remember these issues carefully, "said a member of China to share. Coach Li tie requires students to study carefully (Photo: IC) China Tel began training in Shanghai from today (August 19). For reasons of complicated movements, the country's Football Federation decided to organize home matches in Doha (Qatar)
The partner also agreed to this offer, everything only waits for AFC to confirm. In the immediate future, it will be a match against Japan on September 7. The Vietnam welcome in October is likely to be held in Qatar. Zhang Linpeng's headquarters said: "We will not be played at home for a long time, which is a challenge. Prepare about The psychology will probably be more important than the tactics ".The World Cup 2022, China is located with Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The goal of coach li tie and the student is to enter the top 3.Gg

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