World Day Aids Prevention 1/12: Love Makes A Miracle

HIV infection was 17, so far, Ms Dinh Hoang Chau Bao (born 1983) in the city of Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province, has 21 years of living with HIV. Over the shock when the age was too young, indicators increasingly show more respect differences minh.0 life: 00/4: domain 25Nu Namchi Bao said: "Since I know you are" H ", the more I appreciate time more "" Since I know you are "H", the more I cherish the time more "sister Bao flashback, when she was a little girl her carefree entered high school. Love comes when he sat on the school, you stick with L. - his first love for 4 years

. First love was not peaceful as many couples, but knowing L. HIV, Bao was determined love to cung.Chi Chau Bao very actively involved in community activities "Remember that time, someone told I L
HIV, advised me to abandon because I study well, the future still lies ahead. Ask L. will get infected. my mother advised me to abandon L. well but then, I'm an insider, not alert enough. I also told cheek, though live another year, dying children are also by L. truly loves me. I was prepared for the worst case scenario, may themselves also be H "Mrs. Bao heart su.Tinh love finally come to fruition with the wedding and an adorable son Tran Dinh Phuc baby - also called baby Bo
Baby Bo was 5 years old when her husband Bao died, leaving her with HIV and children nho.Chi very happy that my 2 kids perfectly healthy manhCuoi 1999, you find out information about HIV, about drug treatment and also publicly state "with H" of his. At first, she encountered many difficulties, discrimination and child's school attendance Bo also affected by gossip. But she was determined to stand with you weathered the storm. Fortunately, because the energy to live, for me and for determining living with "H", she has many years of ARV treatment and sustainable health dinh.Chi Bao said: "I think this is a miracle . From being known to have "H", the more I cherish the time more, to love more people. Also because "H" which I unfortunately affinity with the work of community support, seeing that many the same circumstances, have the power so extraordinary, exchanges share, learn from many people. I realized the truth: Those who have no love all do weird, but whose love is always the whole thing magic. and I was fortunate to meet people with warm hearts with true love, so I have a lot of wonderful things in life "through storm .Tiep toQua go exactly as she Bao said, miracles and miracle until you find 'puzzle pieces two "of his life. In the process of community involvement with HIV / AIDS, she met and married Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, they gave birth to a daughter, adorable . During these long years, I v à closely together he and living with "H". Greatest happiness with her two children are not "H", "name" and his .Vo Bao Phuc and her husband, "It's amazing! I and he Phuc come together because the community's support, to join living in the club who live with "H" in Ben Tre. the life we are very happy, in addition to the business of manufacturing condiments give clues for the market in Ben Tre province, we also founded and Executive Alliance compassion Ben Tre in order support, free advice all the social issues, health and legal for all the community. Specifically: People living with HIV, children living with HIV, families affected by HIV, siblings using drugs, sibling sex workers, brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, you just out of jail is to integrate into the community, and some circumstances CWD orphans another, "Ms. Bao said." I always hope that people can live happy happy and always want society to create conditions for people living with HIV are tasting the full flavor of the four the term "equal treatment", hope all people "do not ever put an end to people alive!" she Bao Bao to.Chi presentation sharing, finding the happiness of the majority of those living with "H" are not perfect, they have not been treated fairly, still being "labeled" as "person H", less socially respected. Sister and brother Phuc once cherished and realize dreams for children affected by HV / AIDS are in school, the community a place to share and be sure ve.The but, a few months ago, in one go gifts support difficult people in a pandemic, and her husband had an accident and died. Moments made her dumbfounded again. "Love him, I can only pray for him and try to fulfill all the wishes of the couple, as well as raising two children and his mother well, let me reassure" Ms. Bao said as tears hidden around the eyes energetic luc.Mac despite the pain experienced can hardly imagine in his arduous life, but she still hides her pain which tells the story of his own. Currently, her economic stability, has its own production facilities, have a good income to replace her husband worried about family and above all there can be community support for HIV / AIDS.An Khe - Photo: nvcc

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