World Economic Recovery Cooperation – Missing Pieces In The Us-china Summit

At the US-China summit in the past online form, the leadership of the two countries did not discuss the global economic challenges facing the recovery process after the deep recession because Covid-19.0: 00/3: 37 Southern American President Joe Biden (left) and Chinese President Zi Jinping (right, on the screen) at the online summit on November 15, 2021. Photo: AFP / TTXVNTO A number of remarkable steps given by the two sides after the meeting, such as a "bilateral stabilization" dialogue in nuclear issue, is unknown Mr. Joe Biden and the NEW will How competitive governance "is responsible". Particularly for the field of trade, coordination of economic connection between the two largest economies in the world in the competition is not simple

. The leadership of the two countries did not discuss how cooperation to promote The global economic recovery is a chance to be missed. There is an urgent need for US leaders, China in handling short-term pressure. But besides, it must pay more attention to the long-term structural deviations
The global economic market is inherently unfamarked before Pandemic Covid-19 appears. Refering referendum on how he left the European Union (Brexit) in 2016 as well as Donald Trump's victory - people carrying a population protection ideology, a year later marked the beginning of the internal trend In developed economies. The structure of the structure that the world economy suffered from Brexit as well as a tax punishment built by the administration Mr. Trump has been blurred by instant negative consequences that great Translation caused. However, when the world economy regained the recovery momentum, it would be the owners to not be ignored. Priority Biden's authority appeared to be postpked more with Europe, expressed through decisions like lifting Tax punishes for aluminum and steel are imported from the EU, but for imports imports with these particles. Moreover, the US under the time Mr. Joe Biden still follows the direction of the predecessor Donald Trump directly in China in economic and commercial relations. The US still maintains tax punishment for a large amount of imported goods China, accompanying it is limited, tightening the export of semiconductor items with national security reasons. This parallel policy leads to the consequence of consumer supply in the US
This is a part of the cause of inflation in the US to climb the highest level since President George Bush. Inflation presses in the US and many countries around the world can be temporary and short-term. Most central banks around the world choose a solution that does not react too through the interest rate increase that the accompanying consequences is blocking economic recovery. However, this task becomes more heavy Barriers, unjust limited trade - The barrier does not create any economic benefits or clear security for the applicable water. Since the Corn Laws Act (Corn Laws) is abolished in 1846, economists know that reducing barriers to international trade will help reduce costs of consumer goods, contributing to stabilizing inflation. But many politicians, who are collapsed into certain particular benefits, are often protested, not to acknowledge this reality. Overcasting through the economic problem at the Temple Power This, but the President of the Bodybuilder is well aware of the possible impacts on Beijing's economic policy from the US and the economies that develop the economic stimulus package. That's the yuan to the price, making borrowers in China difficult to handle debts in USD, eligible as the case of Evergrande Real Estate Group. As for winning in the period The presidential election in 2020, Mr. Trump was now able to grow huge because of a "hard landing" of China's economy. But Mr. Biden and the knowledgeable mentor team to understand that the economic recession in China will immediately affect the global economy. The fact that two leaders did not discuss a strategy to bring the world economy from the lack of vitality may not be surprised to consider political stress between the two sides. But obviously it is an opportunity that has been missed. Tai Thanh / News Newspaper (According to Financial Review)

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