Wrinkled Skin Because Of Serious Mistakes When Washing Your Face

Improper way washing is that you are self-destroying your skin.0: 00/1: 46 Southern men's face contains a bacterial drive for lazy washing habits of washing towels, which causes skin to be destroyed. Many of us think that a towel is one of the clean items because they are only used to clean their face every day. However, we often have a habit of less washing towel with hot water and soap that only washes through speakers with water after washing your face every day. This is one of the causes of bacteria, dead cells accumulated on a towel from day to day, proliferate and spreads back to your face

. For direct cleanser on the skin of the skin Deadly "beauty of women when cleaning the skin is to direct cleanser to dry skin, apply it and rinse with water. In fact, in creams, facial cleansers have chemicals that should not be used directly on their facials, especially when the skin is dry. The best way is that you should rinse your hands, wet your face and take a while the washing cream is just enough to hand, hit the cotton and then wash your face
is a proper skin care operation. Io moisturizing cream immediately after washing your face is not a proper skin care operation. Because the skin needs a short time to recover the natural balance of stability. Therefore, wash the face for about 10 minutes to apply a lottery. Navigate the towel after washing your face, makes your skin dark, pimples, wrinkled when washing your face clean, if you use a dry towel to dry the water will not only hurt Harmful but also affects the skin, making the skin create small wrinkles and darker stains. More scary, if you are getting acne but often use a cotton towel to clean your face. Friction breaks acne. Fish broched particles will infect other parts on the face, making acne floating more, it is difficult to treat all the root. The advice for you is after washing your face, great For non-use of cotton towels that need to be replaced with silk paper to lightly permeate water, help reduce acne, do not cause spread to other regions.

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