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I once wrote about hiding. Now, please add 9: 00/2: 59 nammit nam nghít means delicious, first thanks to thentlands. The obsequiousness is a painted land, tilting towards the plain more. Jackfruit is like a low-lying area, so grown in the soil semi-painted Liain in the plain is appropriate. Recent years, Nghia Hanh begins to plant many Thai jackfruit varieties

. Thailand jackfruit is higher to market higher, due to moderate jackfruit magnetism, dried, fragrant and moderate sweet, easy to eat, easy to sell, easy to sell. But traditional jackfruit (called native jackfruit) Its unique advantage. Native jackfruit suitable for the indigenous ecosystem, has lived on the familiar land from thousands of years but not degraded, so confirmed the sustainability of vitality
Jackfrets are big, when nine have a very characteristic fragrance, bustling jackfruit, even though it is a jackfruit, and the sweetness is quite high, but "has a mouthful" indigenous. This jackfruit is not a morning. Non-fragrant as durian, village narcoscopy is very pleasant, those who like to eat jackfruit are addicted to this aroma. When hiring, the garden owner knows right at the nine of the jackfruit only through the aroma, and always picks the fruit and right in the right level, causing the nine jackfruit is the main tree, not ripened. In pricing and branding, it has been up "the stock floor ... jackfruit", the price is measured daily, daily information on the media. It is a huge advantage for selling products. But in terms of product quality, I think, native jackfruits, especially the netherirth of action doesn't lose anything, sometimes outstanding taste
It should be considered to be a specialty, and treated this product as a specialty. If the jackfruit has a popular and easy advantage of "on the trading floor", the native jackfruit, especially the righteousness, has the advantage of a specialty fruit, with a thousand years. Native wood is also a specialty, very valuable in interior construction, closing tables and chairs, wood closure. The whole jack tree doesn't have anything unusable, something is useful, even a good price. The jackfruit is not difficult, can be grown in hill lands, relatively steep soil, the tree is still good and given Juicy fruits. Native jackets have a high life expectancy, so jackfruit timber is highly appreciated in furniture production. When the native tree is not too coconuts, I think, there are lands "high And it is difficult to "still grow jackets. Indigenous jackfruit is still received in markets, from the countryside to the city, that is also in the "output". It is predictable, soon, native jackfruit prices in markets will increase, not increased massively, increasing slowly, but still increased. It is still a stable income for gardener. Trends for traditional trees are true trends, and are increasing. This also adds, I have eaten a variety of nuts, nuts in the country with, outside the country, but I noticed, no The nut is delicious as native jackfruit seeds. That's very surprising. If the science calculates the nutritiousness of the jackfruit, I believe this particle will have a low commercial value. I have just given your home from my country to give a nine tree nine jackfruit. When it was not yet added, let the house the aroma made me hard to sleep. I think that the jackometer deserves the royalties for this article. Native is that, every rustic rustic that lives with Vietnamese people has thousands of years. Thanh Thao poet

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