Writing Books Are A Way To Make A Peak Personal Brand

Personal brands are a phrase mentioned much recently. We talk to the journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh (Tien Phong Newspaper), published consultants have nearly 10 years of experience and have advised many Best-seller books on this topic. Nguyen Tuan newspaper English.The journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh, why are you making newspapers switching to the field of publishing consultancy? Nguyen Tuan Anh Journalist: My main job is still a newspaper. I came to publish it because I love books before and fortunately combined with press skills, media

... I am also lucky to do some Best-seller books, so "Thua Thua "
(Laughter) With popular social networking sites like today, the branding of personal brand seems very simple, why do you say new books is how to make a peak personal brand? Nguyen Tuan journalist You: You write a post on Facebook is very simple, even easily write 10 articles at the same time. But writing books, you need to do more than 50 times. Write a Facebook post, you can edit comfortably, can even delete it if necessary, but writing books, it is required higher because the book has been printed, not fixed. Then the structure of the content writes out how to become a book is not simple, if you don't know how to do it. Then legal procedures, release, communication ... In fact, there are many people floating like alcohol on social networks, but do not publish books. People with brands and knowledge are always aware that publishing books is to leave a value of yourself for the community, to raise the brand to another height. But it seems to publish one The book like you said it was not simple? Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh: If it's easy to do, I did not dare say writing books as a peak brand
But if you already have knowledge about the field you want to write books, just learn a little bit to do it. I'm going to publish books 6 steps to publish a book in October 2021, you can refer to. Nguyen Tuan Anh and Dr. Alok Bharadwaj (Chairman of Asian Marketing Director Association) .Theo You, who can be easier to publish books? Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh: According to information from the Department of Publication, Print and Release - the Ministry of Information Communications announced in early March 2021 In 2020, there are more than 33,000 published licensed books, which means that nearly 100 books are published every day. Many authors have Best-seller books recently not writers and journalists (professional authors according to traditional concepts) but also offices, scientists, mother diaper milk, specialized Economic family ... I think, none of us are good at everything, but will definitely be good at least one thing, writing books about the best, who can do it. Types are characters who have many fans on social networks if they publish books themselves, the number of books sold will be more than published a book that this book does not become Best-seller. The author has not made a personal brand, sir? Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh: For me, when publishing a good book means I have contributed and left to the community, for society a price Certain treatment. When the book is valuable, of course, it will be received, the individual brand, the economic value will also arrive. However, in fact sometimes there are valuable books, but the readers are read. It is a published consultant, he is also a journalist, a corporate communication consultant, England Do you note with readers who want to publish books? Nguyen Tuan Anh Journalist: The hardest job when publishing a book is to prepare content. The content is good, the media is released, released ... if the content is not good to promote communication and marketing, it only affects the author's brand. If conditions, the authors are not specialized to invite a publishing consultant with many years of experience, who have had many Best-Seller books to advise from the beginning. Thank you. Thank you. The newspaper Nguyen Tuan Anh is Working in Tien Phong Newspaper. He has nearly 10 years of experience in writing Best-seller books for many celebrities, including Dr. Le Shenyang (Economic Specialist), Dr. Alok Bharadwaj (Chairman of Asian Marketing Director Association) ... Nguyen Tuan Anh journalist is trained in the media press, international relations, personnel, marketing, business administration ... Quang Anh (implementation)

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