Wsj: China Is Preparing For The Collapse Of Evergrande

On Thursday (September 23), Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese authorities have asked local officials to prepare for the potential collapse of Evergrande real estate developers. Familiarity with discussions, WSJ said local officials described signals from the Chinese government "Ready for storms can occur" and said the government told them that Local authorities should only intervene at the last minute to prevent the impact of spreading from Evergrande's collapse. The officials said local governments were tasked with preventing unstable and reducing signal Corrugated ripple for home buyers and the economy is larger. This signals the reluctance in rescuing Evergrande from debt while preparing for any economic and social impact that Evergrande caused. Accordingly, the Chinese government may still have a limited desire to rescue Evergrande despite global impacts

. Concerned about Evergrande Unable to pay interest rates has increased in recent weeks considered one of the reasons for sale in the worldwide market during the 20s / 9.Evergrande trading session 83.5 million USD payable bond payments are due on Thursday (September 23) and 47
5 million USD bond payment payments due next week. Both bonds will broke if Evergrande does not pay interest within 30 days of scheduled payment. Others, Bloomberg reported on Thursday (September 23) that authorities in Beijing Requires Evergrande without default for bond interest payments in USD.Evergrande has grown with a huge scale in the context of the construction boom in China. The high debt level has created concerns in Beijing, leading to China to set lending restrictions along with a decline in housing needs seems to have harmed Evergrande. Investors are concerned. The potential collapse of Evergrande can spread to creditors, including banks in China and abroad. Porch / according to WSJ

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