Wwf Alarms A ‘giant’ Oil Spill On The Black Sea

Oil leaks occurred at a seaport near Novorossiysk over the weekend when the Minerva Symphony with Greek flag is injecting the oil on the tank of the area of Nanchares of Novorossiysk. (Source: AFP) According to VNA reporter in Moskva, on August 11, Russian scientists have raised a warning bell about a black sea oil season when the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said. At least 100 tons of oil was leaked off the port of the port of Novorossiysk, the southern country. Oil leaks occurred at a seaport near Novorossiysk over the weekend when the Minerva Symphony chess was injecting the oil The tank is. After appearing, the stain is much larger than the original report, the authorities have launched an investigation on pollution

. The general prosecution said officials are studying the area Coast area of Anapa resort town and Novorossiysk city. This area is a place where there are some of Russia's best beaches and attracts many domestic tourists. On August 11, Russian officials said the authorities are assessing the situation
Russian Energy Minister announced Minister Nikolai Shulginov asked soon to verify information about overflow oil volume. The General Director of Caspian Pipeline Association (CPC), Mr. Nikolai Gorban, said it was estimated that about 12m3 oil spread More area of 200m2, the oil spill has been controlled. However, WWF and Russian scientists said the oil stain was much more serious than the original report and could cause environmental pollution. Onions a separate review, WWF found that the area of Loang oil was up to 94km2 on August 10. The organization estimated at least 100 tons of oil and "most likely more" spilled into the black sea, "despite the efforts of rescue teams." WWF also expressed concerns the incident incident. Negative to sea creatures. In the meantime, Greenpeace Green Peace Organization and Dr. Andrey Kostyanoy at the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ran) said that the area of pollution may be greater than 400,000 times compared to the newspaper Because of the original report
Kostyanoy stated the average area of spill oil and colleagues often found in the Novorossiysk area about 1km2. They are mainly related to shipping, when ships waste oil products. Therefore, the latest discovery of the overflow oil area shows that this is a rather large incident for the Black Sea. Aleksei Knizhnikov works at WWF in Russia said the oil stain is floating north, has spread Go to Abrau-Dyurso area, famous for the wine industry, and do not exclude the possibility that it will spread to Utrish./Minh Tam-Duy Trinh (VNA)

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