Xiaomi Joined The Tram Market

Xiaomi has just officially registered the establishment of a tram manufacturing company, the department that according to the founder of the company said he entered a 'Important Development Stage'.0: 00/2: 15 names with the name Xiaomi EV, the company with registered capital is 1.55 billion USD. Earlier in March, the parent company Xiaomi announced its intention to invest 10 billion USD on the production of electric vehicles over the next 10 years. According to the representative of Xiaomi, the branch used 300 new employees and parts by the direct founder and the head of Xiaomi - Lei Jun headed

. The illustration. Xiaomi said, in the last 5 months, department Newly conducted extensive research on user objects and contacting in industry partners. Basically, new businesses are still not ready to introduce any electric cars or its prototype
Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 closes more than 500 million VND, competing with Hyundai Kona at the beginning of this month, Xiaomi announced buying Deepmotion again, a self-propelled driving company "to improve the competitiveness of technology" of tram business, with worth 77.37 million USD. TOYOTA car price in September 2021: Discount The price is strong, big incentives with the enrollment of electric vehicles, Xiaomi will have to do a lot of work to win good positions in the Chinese tram market. The country is having giants like NIO and Xpeng, as well as world-famous companies such as China's Tesla and BYD, in which BYD receives the support of financial boss Warren Buffett. Mazda car price In September 2021: More new products on Tesla, this is the most attentive company in the field of electric vehicles in the past time with Model 3 and reached an important milestone about sales. As a result of the second quarter, the company's model 3 series delivered 1,031,588 units, more than any other electric car brand. Although the data are not official statistics, reports bring a summary of sales over the years. In the second quarter, about 225,000 Model 3 copies were sold. The price of the jeep price in September 2021: the cheapest of VND 3,066 billion in when the model of Model Y also surpassed the milestone of 250,000 units. According to the forecast of expertise, by the end of the year, this model will exceed 500,000 units
Total Model S and Model X assigned in each quarter exceeded 200,000 units. According to Kien An / VOV

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