Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Will Have A Hidden Camera Under The Screen

Xiaomi's smartphone will have a hidden camera under the same screen Galaxy Z Fold 3, and the configuration of the southernness 9: 00/1: 32 namxiaomi will launch its new smartphone in August like Samsung. Samsung and Xiaomi's smartphones are supposed to be equipped with hidden cameras under the screen. However, according to ICE Universe, Xiaomi's smartphone has a higher aesthetic because the camera part is hidden under the screen that is harder to see than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Hidden camera technology under the first screen on the smartphone ZTE and VINSMART. The disadvantage of this technology is a poorer image quality than conventional cameras

. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be one of the most prominent smartphones in the second half of this year. Photo: PhoneArena.xiaomi Show this technology for the first time 2019, later in August last year
The company said the production of a series of smartphones with the camera under the screen will begin in 2021. According to Xiaomi, their new camera technology for the same image quality is normal, simultaneously, the sensor will be hidden Go perfectly. To do this Xiaomi has rearranged the pixels on the screen so that the light goes through the space between the sub-pixels and optimizing the camera's algorithm. This method will allow homogeneous pixel density on the full screen. In addition to the hidden camera under the screen, Mi Mix 4 will have the strongest configuration in the market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor chip, 4,500 mAh battery with fast charger 120 watts and 80 wireless wireless charging. The machine will have AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refreshing frequency and FHD resolution. MI MIX 4 price will be more expensive than 11 Ultra - currently priced at 1,199 euros (VND 32.5 million).

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