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After Germany was eliminated from the euro, I asked him, wanting to know which size she 'shock'. But the Board of Directors replied: 'Leaving the football already'. I myself 'shocked'. Don't know the author of the 'bad woman, there is no gift' live, if there is no passion for the ball? Y Ban Chung said: 'I'm playing with colors. Hey is happy! '

. 0: 00/4: 51 Southern Dung Dung Y Ban, Y ban Me The German team, seems to be passionate about the golden hair striker Klinsmann right. Why is "detox" easily? She smiled, confided: "Every other age. I now run out of time
Should be bored, don't see any sessions. Just like snuggling about hiding. My pleasure is like that farmer, planting trees, then takes pictures of flowers, talking to the tree. And now I have a painting now. Draw a lot ". Starting drawing from the end of 2018, now Y Board has about 40, 50 paintings. Also box in a personal exhibition. And Y ban also thought about it: "But CoVoVo Veo, rehearps do exhibits!". Speaking of streaming, installing the custom from the custom, which is the "specialty" of the Y Board. He still thinks they are affected by the writer movement to hold a brush
But not. "I increase the action. 60 still increase movement. Since retirement, I'm at home doing nothing, stabbing or quarreling with her husband, cursing me. So I have to play with a new picture of about 4.5 hours. Otherwise the mind will bounce, this is this, the other is ... ". The old husband saw the crazy board so buying and tossed things. Less coaxes like kids. Sitting board. The husband saw his wife's graphics fine, so encouraged and encouraged. He wants basic academic boards, drawing drawing from the beginning but replied, "Dad" does not learn from the beginning! The old husband "bold": "You shelves. What do you do, "(don't be surprised, my wife still claims" you, I "with each other now. Song marriage, it seems to have no rapporties, not yet threatened to put each other in court ever). Don't study a song so you don't draw people: "Drawing people". And so when the board did not execute what she wanted: "I don't have a job, planning to draw this, leave the other. How can I draw the cup to the cup? Have out something else was me. " You are honest "declaration". But sometimes rejuvenate to show off: "In the past, I studied science, general university, have to draw leaves, draw people so my image is a bit standard." With painting, you fold it. The next day, Ban spread the color, disappearing a "other thing" and nodding "taking a selfie": "Looks like". When drawing a special board of doodles: "My painting doesn't have a sad doodles. I don't follow any school. Some "genuine" artists say: in the "crowd" of the Board's paintings have very good things. The old husband saw the "good" board, not "stoned, hit" from playing with colors, well. He silently bought the game for the playing board, and also called a framed worker for the work of the board. Sometimes he patted: "You go on your direction. You play that I have seen it. " Sometimes he was "poke": "You painted like that dog licked." Because, people, drawing the roof and the sponges are fiercely, then trimmed.Ban likes dogs but take care of cats, drawing a cat. After a period of holding a brush, the Board uttered himself: "I am a cat!" That's, his husband caught a cat, while he was only a little bit like his fingers. Breeding it grew up. The black and white cat turned out to be very pretty, but the face was "extremely good", the Board described. Like the cat's "prostitute" face, the board will take into painting. From now, you haven't sold any paintings: "My cat, 10, I would like to sell it. If they like, bring it and hang it. " But now the board has "stop" does not give paintings because it is aimed at the individual exhibition. Likes to draw cats so pictures of pretty boys, 40x50 cm, or 50x50 cm, no more. Even when drawing landscapes, he also only won its size, unable to escape (or didn't want to escape?). Y Board saves color with toan? The "speaker" immediately reacted: "Oh my life. Now everything is cheap cheap. This, 25,000 dong an acrylic jar. 100 thousand Russian panels 50x50cm ... What's wrong. Or you draw away. Play with beautiful colors. " I promise you, when I retire I will afford to go to the house to draw. Some writers after SA in the colorful world neglect the pen. That doesn't happen to Y Board. She shows off a manuscript: "Is writer always writing. I like ... Crazy dog, I wrote seasonally. Autumn is my season. I kept in my head writing. Just sitting, slashing the wind comfortably, it's at first bouncing, I sat down and writing, the letter broke out. Nine, ten thousand from I just wrote in 2 days, as photocopy in my head. Ban's organs are: okay to be always. Don't be not always. My novel wrote within a month, nothing corrected. I bounced to the point of both dots, commas like a reader for me, keeping the trigger with two fingers to record it. " But when coming to painting, Y Board does not sublimate seasonal. A painting board drawn about 4 hours is done. Sometimes, a day drew a picture. But sometimes, the whole month of the secret, the board didn't draw any picture. You don't force yourself to be creative when your mind falls into a blank state

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